The Red Sea (11)

Its been raining for days, but despite it all we finality managed to get Aya’s things unpacked. The past few days had been nice getting everything all together and in there new places. Truth was she didn’t have to do much she belonged there with me there. It crossed my mind so many times before this day arrived. It would be odd without her now, it was as if God had made this woman for me. Despite at the shit the shit I had gone through these past few months. If I really sat and looked over my life I had been empty for a really long time completely unfulfilled.  For the first time in a very long time my home felt to be real home, filled with joy.  The aroma of coffee filled the air and windows open. you don’t realize you are depressed until the moment has finally past. I could see Aya out by the pool her hair in two braids, a black dress flowing down her body the was long passing her feet. Her back was bare, with a black rope style string hanging down her back. She was smoking a vape and sipping her coffee. I could watch her all day, as I worked. The curves of here body help aide the way my paint brush stroked the canvas. Hard to work with her watching her move as she spoke on the phone.  The more her ass moved in that damn dress the more I want to fuck her.

I had so many orders to fill I had fallen behind with them, these past few days had been so focuses on her. Some would say we may have moved to fast, but for mouths my heart had been cold. Wild thoughts on how Aya had changed me, broke what was once broken and lost.  

My brush stroking the canvas and it felt like magic, she caught my gaze. blowing a kiss in my direction; my eyes narrowed as a smile crossed my face.  She looked breath taking standing, her smile match with mine as she turned back to the pool.  Watching for a beat realizing she was on her phone.

I needed to get back to work, I think as I caught her gaze once more…

 I need to make my way to my studio, it had been an eternity since I had last been in there. The past few days had been focused on Aya. Days off weren’t a thing since Kiana and I had parted ways. For months I did nothing but drowned myself in work. Mrs. Shepherd from The Tree House had ordered so many pieces the upward of 25 plus, I was busy as fuck for so long. The money was good but i had been hiding from myself. I had to get lost in the work to keep from losing me completely.

“Levi, are you busy?” I hear her voice

“Im in here” the door eases open

“no baby come in!”  I open the door wider

 Opening out my arm to receive her, she quickly drapes her arms over my shoulder.  She had away with her body, nothing I had ever witnessed before. She kissed my face four times softly, as she sits in my lap, her ass was so damn fat, running my hand over it then gripping her tightly. How will I ever get a thing done with her.

“Baby who is Jade?” she said looking at me as she stroked my face.

I start to pull up her dress, i wanted to play in that pussy.

“baby do you hear me” she stops my hand

“look at me “she replied, then grabs my face

“yes, baby what did you say” i answer looking up towards her, I was so distracted  

I hadn’t heard a thing she had said, once that ass touches me its over, and my mind was gone.

“who is Jade? do you know a Jade?”  she looked me

I couldn’t shake the chills that were running over me, and still wasn’t hearing her. rubbing between those her thick thighs to her pussy. This time she let me inside her warm and fat. I suck her lips, sucking the bottom one between my own.

“answer me” she could only whisper

Her legs widen to let me in, that pussy was starting to water, I could feel her wetness over the tips of my fingers. So, I lift her on to my art table. Spreading her legs and kiss her inner tight, “baby ask me again.” I say then kiss her lips, the lick her opening her pussy up.

“Who is Jade” her voice trembled

My fingers go deep inside her as I lick her all of her, my tongue flicks on her clit. She was so wet dripping down my fingers I go deeper and lick my fingers as they go in and out her puss.

“Levi baby please” she said

Her body began to vibrate, the feeling was strong but I couldn’t stop she need to bust for me. I lick her clit, her legs shock and I sucked it out her till I took it all from her.  I felt higher than a mother fucker.

“I don’t know a Jade baby” I laughed while my tongue glided over her now damp skin.

She climbs into my lap, her legs weak but able to wrap around my waist. Her body pressed against mine, nipples hard sucking one into my mouth, as I continue squeezing up her ass.

“baby why you asking about Jade?” I ask her as I squeeze tighter

“you know her?” she asks with hast

“Aya” my hand pushes up her chin.

“Baby what are you talking about?” I quickly add

“I saw a post about you online, a Jade Shepherd saying she wants to see you again at The Tree house” she said while trying to get up.

I Sit for a moment taking in what she was saying, but not letting the moment escape me. deeper I slide into her, she lets me in. her hands line my face and let out a soft moan. Her sound was music to my ears I need to hear more.

I drift off into her and she lets me into her valley.

 Then I hear Aya whisper “answer me Levi” .

“I didn’t meet her, don’t know her baby” I say once more

“she spoke like she knew you” she said in a low tone

“Levi” she added her voice moaned once more

“open your legs” I say in a more aggressive tone

“now” I added quickly

realizing I needed my strap…

without it I felt like my job was half done.

Then without hesitation she opened for me wide.  Kissing her pussy lips softly, then licking inside her while I fingering her deeper with every stroke. Beginning to have a better understanding of what it meant to make love to a person.

I needed this woman more the I needed air, my body in its entirety could feel the sadness radiating in her movement.  she trembled underneath as our souls joined, my need to become one with her grew stronger and stronger. The deeper i filled her, I felt her melting over me and she began to arise into an explosion. And just like that I left what seemed to be earth, spinning out of control my heart began racing. Her body trebled beneath, her thighs tightened around me and pulling threw my hair. keeping my pace, gave her what I needed to give her. she felt closer to me, her climax was strong and from deep inside her walls. I had done my job, her body begun to relaxed like putty in my hands.  

“Who are you?” I asked her

She gazed at me, with a light glare and water had formed over her eyes.

“What do you mean?” she asked

“You who are you to me?” I rephrased the question

She smiled for a moment, then the water collecting in the corner of her eye fell. Rolling down her cheek, catching it with my finger and grasping her face in to my hands.  I press my face against hers kissing her lips.

“Levi, I’m yours in every way” she said while wrapping her legs around my body  

“You are everything” I whisper

“I’m your wife” as she rubbed through my hair.

“I don’t know a Jade, I think I may have done work for her” I add   

Why did I say think? Fuck did I just lie to her but why?

“Ok” she replied

Her ok was damming this was not an Aya I was use to, my heart sank into the walls of my chest. Truth was for so many years I had carried the weight of wanting someone to trust that I love them and only them. The world has labeled STUDS as hoes. It sucks to be a hoe in the eyes of the world. Mind wondering off “dose she believes me?” if I were her would I believe?

Fire in the Rain (10)

When the flesh is bare the soul is opened and you are truly free.  I inhale as I place the palm of my hand firm on the small of her back. Pulling her closer into me, the softness of her skin against me as I feel her lips kiss my neck her tongue slowly eased across the lower ear. This drove me over the edge I can’t resist her, I felt the need to jump. Her legs straddled over my lap, she sits up then looks over my face, the glow of her eye peered through her hair. Aya was stunning in every way her face was free of makeup, her freckles danced over the bridge of her nose, her hair still wet. The rain water dripping off the ends of her jet-black curls spiraling down then dropping to her shoulder. I assist her to remover her top she had on no bra, her breast bounced slightly her nipples erect. Sucking gently on her nipple, the tiny ripples graze my tongue.  Why was she fine, taking her shorts off with much ease, her body belong in my possession?   Gentilly I run my hand between her legs applying pressure with my fingers to the outline of her virginal walls. Our eyes lock as my fingers sink deep into her and I watch the reaction grace her face. Slowly her eyes close as she becomes lost in the moment. The plumpest of her lips brush against mine the breath of her mouth elapse, genitally sucking her bottom lip between mine.  Deeper I go inside her, a moan releases from her body as she gazes into my eyes. She had ignited this flame within, soon finding myself completely lost. The wetness of her vagina streamed down my fingers. her hips thrusted harder and harder still looking into my eyes. Aya’s mouth slightly open panting as she runs her hands through my hair with vigor, gripping my dreads in the palm of one of her hands. The feeling was crying out as I wrap my other hand around her throat, her mouth widens and she gasp for air. forcing her head back, I could feel her legs widening. I could feel the way she wanted me.    Her body bare in my lap, the droplets of water continued running down her stomach. Without hesitation I lick her mouth hand still around her throat, her body first flitch then relaxed. I suck her skin between my lips. I can taste the water in my mouth.

Her legs wrap around my waist as I lay her on her back. releasing her neck, she laid there for a moment her body was still. I could hear the rain fall once more. Her arms reached for me, I was breathing in love. Aya ran her finger tips along my face tracing my jaw line. Her lips began to kiss against my cheek bone then downward to my lips. The kisses grew wild and deep as her one of arms hung over my shoulders and her hand wrestled in my hair.  Her naked body was soft in my hands, she pulled my shirt over my head. I struggle to remove my shorts.

“Fuck me” she whispered softly

“that what you want?” I asked

“please” she replied

“babe please” she said as she rubbed my hand between her legs.

For a moment I fingered her feeling the wet sensation running down my fingers. She let out a deep moan.  And for a moment I needed blanked out, my mind had left the building.  Lost in a stand still of time, this must be what they talk about in the movies.

 Then it hits me my strap was across the house in my bedroom. with all the rain we became carried away, I wanted to give it to her. Knowing the journey across the house was to much and that it would ruin the moment.  The house was full we could hear the music blearing over the house and the sound of laughter filled the air. My mind continued to race back and forth. 

The warmth from her palm against my face, her lips press against mine was electric. It was like lava through my veins. My hands open her legs while kissing her inner thigh, making way to her lips then parting them with my tongue. Licking deep into her I could feel her once tense core relaxing and tighten. Similar to a heartbeat faster as I lick deeper. Inside her hole as deep as could tasting her sweetness.  Finding my way to her clit my fingers inter back into her where they once were. I could feel her body falling apart beneath mine. She shook then quickly change to vibration, she grabbing my hair pressing my face deeper, her response was ever so strong.

Her body shivers as she begins to climax, she melts under me.  She is my everything I don’t want this moment to ever conclude. My evolvement with women had become drugs that my soul required.  Hard white. Looking on to her I could now see she was me and I was her.  feeling this moment with her. I had never felt love the way I do with Aya. Could I be with my truth, could I have found my soul or could she have found me.  It a lapse of time I was lost in her, high then I had ever been I was sowing.  Wings had formed and to had left this earth as I had known it before, I had found the one for me!   

I read one time, I don’t recall where.   

 “When fire crosses before your eyes you will feel pain then soon you will heal. The life will burn you, seek refuge in the ocean.”

Had I found the ocean?

The Keys (9)

I wake with the sun beaming in my face, I had fallen asleep with the blinds open and the drapes pulled back. Aya, love the feeling of the sun on her face as the morning sun rose. I relish in the moment when we wake up together, soy was different Aya wasn’t next to me, my arm dragged along the bed where her body would normally lay. The Aroma of Egyptian musk linger on the sheets. My hand grasps her pillow I notice I note pinned to the pillow.

It read,


I’ve was gathering what I should bring, but I longed for you. I came to kiss you goodnight but you were fast asleep. Levi, I love you hope you have a good morning see you soon my handsome.

Love you Aya

I sit here reminiscing over the times we share, it has only been a month in this month we’ve done more than I’ve done with others in a lifetime. After reading the note it dawned on me, I wanted her first day of living in her new home to be one to remember.

We had decided on living at my place because of my art studio. It would be hard to move all of it, so we Decided on staying here for now. I pull from the closet the Drawing from the weeks before.

“where would be a good place to hang this” I think as I look around.

The foyer as you walk through the front entrance of the house would be perfect. This would make it visible to her as soon as she walked in. It’s wasn’t long before It was hanging. I hadn’t realized how large it was. I couldn’t take my eyes off it, I stood there mesmerized, I had captured her beauty. The lines were exquisite her eyes full, I had captured Aya.

Ring ring,

The sound of my phone startled me. I had become caught up in the gaze I had drawn for her. Then without looking at my phone I answer.

I say “sorry hello”

I hear a voice Whimpering then struggling to speak.

“Levi, “the voice paused

“Yes Hello” I ask

“Please talk to me” A very muffled voice said

“Kiana” I say

“Levi, please don’t hang up” her voice sounded weak

“I’m not going to hang up, what’s going on” I say not wanting to be rude

“I don’t know what to do?” ….

“I was wrong and sorry for that, but Levi I love you” Kiana went on

“We are us, and we can’t end this way” she begged

Kiana, always had away in the past and finessing her way back into my life no matter how much hurt she has caused. She knew how to manipulate me into thinking that I was the problem, and if this was two months ago it may have worked. I didn’t say much, listened to her talk. But in true Kiana fashion, she couldn’t hold it together that long. If this were a game of charades she would always lose!

“Who is Aya, why would you bring her around our friends our fucking family?” She yelled

“How could you?” She shouted

“How the fuck Levi” seem she was vibrating through the phone

“Kiana, I have to go” I say then hang up

I fell back on the sofa, and phone fell to my side… I don’t want to think too much on it. I would never want to hurt Kiana. I can’t allow this shit not to fucking day! My phone continued ringing for about the next hour. I headed for the shower.

The water Collides with my skin then trickles down my back. I realize I’m closing the chapter of what used to be my life and opening a new one. And for the first time I realize that I am petrified, afraid of the unknown. This is such a big step for me, my past has been dark and lonely and for the first time in a very long time I wake up smiling looking forward to what is next. My life with Kiana had placed the darkness of myself that I wanted to relieve. I hope place that I never want to revisit. As I shower every visit moment that I’ve spent was Aya. Vivid thoughts of her smile, and how she loves me deeper than I could ever have imagined.

Some would say that we’re moving too fast it’s only been a month already moving in together. To hell I guess I’m part of the stereotype, but I want this and I needed it! I couldn’t imagine going backwards now taking back all of the things I’ve shared with her. They say love is blind I never really understood that. It’s not that it’s physically blind, it’s the act of the unknown you never know a person ‘s true heart only what they allow you to see. Could she be the one that one real thing I have?

The morning past quickly and before I knew the moving trucks are backing in and the time had come.

“What up bro” Nikki yelled as she hoped out the drivers set!

Now where the hell did she come from? Seeing how my friends embraced her made me happier still!

“How did you link up” I reply

“Bro you haven’t been answering your phone” she said while greeting me with an arm pound and a hug

“what’s wrong with your phone” Nikki looked at me puzzled

Her face read Do you know today’s a big day!

“I been getting things together around here” I answer

“Where is Aya” I quickly add

“She stopped at the filling station” Nikki said while opening the back of the moving truck

Nikki was a masculine stud; however, her face was still beautiful. She wore a pair of Nautica swimming trunks and Sports marina. Nick wasn’t the most physically fit person she was slim and tall. She was natural build we called her skinny fat; although she was nowhere near fat.  Her body was covered in tattoos her neck, arms, legs and back, she had work at this for year to make her body a walking work of art. Her personality loud and could fill any space know matter the size.  Her face was more beautiful than most would like to admit, making her irresistible to most. This had often been an issue to on lookers, she was a real force in the gay scene. Her dreads hung down her back, her curls escaped and flew free of her dreaded part of her hair.

Looking on her I as ask “are you and Nori together now?”

she takes a deep breath and then sits on the back of the truck. Looking up at me with Slight smile.

“I would say so, but to be real I’m not sure?” she said and asked

Before I could reply to her I hear the sound of an angel singing through the air. Then I feel her embrace her hand glide up my back to my shoulder. A chill flow though me, I close my eyes and smile inwards. 

“well damn you alright?” Nikki laughs and reaches toward me tapping my arm

It was clear I was lost for a moment Aya has this effect. She seems to talk to me with no words, this was a gift that only she seemed to have. Her fingers wrack my hair as her lips find the base of my neck. the air slowly escapes my body. I quickly reach for her hand resting on my shoulder, in an attempt to compose myself.

“Aya, ease up on my boy” Nikki laughs 

They both start to laugh Nikki grabs her lifting her off the ground, laughter filled the air. 

“oh my god, why” Aya said

Watching them as they played around was so amusing. Seeing my friends love her was more the I had asked for.       

“Hi Everyone” I hear as I look up and see my lovely sister and Bethany

“hey Handsome” Bethany said smiling

“did you miss me yet” she added

I smile big then reply “hell yeah” 

“you already know what it is” I say as her arms wrap around me.

Out the corner of my eye I see my sister, and Nikki. I see them kiss I mean really kiss for the first time. I had never saw them be intimate before.

“Nigga who the fuck painted that picture in your house bro? Gabe comes out the front of the house    

“oh my god did you do that Bro” she added

“yes, I did it” I say trying give her the look to be quiet

Our best friend understanding worked most the time but, in this case, no it did not! 

“what are you talking about?” Nikki said

“Levi here fucking painted her ass off, I ain’t never seen no shit like this” Gabe

I wanted her to stop talking, I needed her to stop talking. Gabe usually picks up and social ques but not this time, not when I needed her to.

“man fuck” she yells out once more

 I see Aya look over my way, as she looks Gabe grabs her hand in the attempt to guide her in the house. I can feel the nerves in my body tighten and my heart starts to race. Gabe walk with so much intent, holding Aya’s hand ever so tight. Aya follows her with no hesitation, her face looked of wonder somewhat like a child looking into the unknown.  The bigger question I ask myself was when the hell did Gabe get here, where did she come from?

“Levi what is she talking about?” Nori said looking onward

Trying to steady my hand, Bethany placed her hand over mine in an attempt to steady it. With all that was going on I had forgotten about the painting all together.   My mind floods of thoughts as far back when we met. Again, I Bethany squeezes my hand. Although she hadn’t idea what it was, she knew it was making me quite petrified.

Then a scream rang out, Nori, Nikki and Bethany take off running, it’s a painting I yell out!

“what a painting” Nikki said looking back

“yes, a painting of her” I say as I stand to my feet

“a painting of Aya?” Nikki replied

Nikki rest her arm around my neck as we head toward the house. Rubbing my head like daddy bear “this must be a bad ass picture” she laughed

“the shit we do for the love women” she added

“yeah I love her, shit crazy” I reply

“bro I fucking see that shit” she snapped back squashing me tighter

As we approach the walk way I see Aya, she screams a bit a she reaches for me. She appears to be crying, her eyes are red and I can see the water running from her eyes. She throws her arms around my neck I lift her up. And her legs warp around me. I’m not the biggest fucking person in the world but I lifted her, her head rested on my shoulder. Her voice weak as she cried as she me thank you over and over.  Everyone walked in the house to check it out, but truly I believe most to give us the moment we need.  Aya continues to cry nudging her face with mine, I kiss her softly. The taste of salt from her tears remain on her lips.  

I whisper to her as I kiss her “you know I love you right?”  

Again, I say it louder this time “you know, that right?”

“baby stop crying, its ok” I say

Her breast and upper body begun to rest against me, she felt so warm in my arms.  Her chest was moving fast from crying. I didn’t expect this reaction from her. I’m sure people have done may things for her. Bigger and more over the top things.

Meanwhile in the other area of the home my family and friends gather looking at the painting, and Bethany in regular Bethany fashion started to make dinner and get the drinks flowing! She had always been a wonderful hostess. You could the hear the music cascade over the walls.

If you lookin’ for a man to love you, mi deh yah
Mi seh mi deh yah
Oh God, mi deh yah
If you want a man to show you he love, mi deh yah
Fi light ya fire, with desire
Why, oh why, oh why
With di wide-eye
Catchin’ fire

Been watchin’ you from this morning from the high tower
Yer that you lookin’ for a real gangsta, I come over
That’s your require, and I acquire
To satisfy ya, yeah

Gyptia,  Deh yah

Nori calls out to Aya, “baby come on baby lets not this moment past us by.”

I watch the music surround Aya

Explosions and eruptions
Reach Climax, Don’t hold back
Bring fire to my gas, Explosions. Eruptions
Ride it like champion, slap yuh pon yuh batty gal, control it
Bruk yuh like a bad gal, gimme we yuh got gal, all of it
Put ah hickey pon yuh neck, so yuh nuh forget
Kiss yuh pon yuh breast mek yuh body wet,

Ricky blaze rang out and took over the whole mood. I caught the vibe and lite my spliff watching her dance. Bethany caressed her up and down she wind slow then fast. how could one human began be so exquisite. Aya threw her hair back throwing her hips as she winds up her body. I see everyone enjoying them selves ill call a mover to un pack her tomorrow.  The music sent trimmers across the ground and the rain begun to fall. The rain fell hard almost as if there dancing brought the rain. Pouring over their body. They turned up more as the beat hit harder. Nikki lifted Aya and Nori hand above their head, slow dance up against there body’s. The smoke fills my lungs, my spliff between my fingers as I blow the smoke back out.  

Use your Words… (8)

“Bottles up…” Klaus yelled out

“Oh, wait Raise your mother fucking glass! My big bro is getting married to the love of his life my beautiful sister Miss. Bethany Miles. Bethany, we love you, all of us. I’m so glad to see you all happy” Klaus said with tears in her eyes

“Drink, Klaus has had many and forgot” Marlo said taking the mic

Aya, pressed against me while sipping my drink, she was feeling nice like most everyone else. My hand around her waist, she felt so nice next to me. As she spoke to Carla my eyes watches how her body moved.

Everyone had a speech Nikki, Marlo and Nori. I Did not thank god the cake started coming out to the floor. Thank God I wasn’t  ready that was never my thing, being in the front. Bethany taps her glass with a fork, the crowd grew silent.

“Thank, all for coming! I want to say something to everyone one… life is short! Love with you Hearts love with your mind your body your spirit. But most of all love make it often make it in everything that you do. Making love isn’t always about sex not always anyway. Gabe is the love of my life, she gives me the World even before we had money. Things weren’t perfect not always, but she loves me even when I don’t love myself. Her friends love me more than I could ever hope for. Nikki the outgoing love, Marlo the stand offish one, Klaus the one who saves you. and…. my Levi. Levi, I love you, I’ve never shared to others why only Gabe knows! I almost gave up on life two years ago, but by the grace of God the holy father my phone call Levi. I’ll never know how but she heard my cry and she called 911 Gabe, Nikki, Klaus, Nori and my mother! They found me with the find my phone! Levi, I love you with all my heart and Levi baby that woman at your side I love for you and you love her to! We are the same in this way Levi.”

walking over toward me, she hugged me with all her might Gabe assisted her in her walking!

“Tell her, because you do” she said

Thank god she had put the mic down.

“She loves you too Levi, that hurt is over” she said

“Me and Gabe love you” she hugged me

“Come put your arms around them” she asked

Bethany asked so they all fucking group hugged me, what the fuck?

“I’m sorry you know how much she cares about you” Gabe said in a low voice

Holding back the tears for my eyes, Aya who was sitting there the whole time swept my face with Palm of her hand.

“Come on let’s get some air” she suggested

“She never deserves to be treated that way in the first place” Bethany said rolling her eyes

“I don’t understand why she’s here I’ve never liked her not ever” Bethany added

“Baby, baby” Gabe said giving her strong eye contact

“She can’t treat Levi like that and then just try to show up” Bethany had had too many!

Bethany was a beautiful soul, she showed so much love and gave one thousand percent at all times. She was fragile and Gabe knew this so she protected her with all her might. We were a family and had been for so long. The drinks had set in and you see how our family operated. 

We finally escaped to the back patio were I finally could relax on the outside sofa.

“Look what I have” she smiles

She had a splif, Klaus had rolled it earlier that day. I know when the last time I hit a joint that hard was. Honestly, she had thought of everything, more importantly she actually thought of me.

“help me Roll this dress up “she said

“I wanna sit across your lap, and there’s nobody else out here” she added

She held my splif while I rolled up her dress, to my surprise she actually smoked it.

“Your panties are pretty; can I take them off” I ask

“they belong to you, do whatever you want” she smiled

I pulled them down, taking them from my hand. she sat on my lap facing me. She put my splif to my mouth. She is fucking crazy sexy as fuck. She tucked her panties in in my pocket leaving the string hanging out. I could see her flower between her legs and she have blossomed for me.

“Can i touch it?” I ask

“it’s yours, do you ask for things you own?” She replied

Rubbing in to her Valley

I hit the splif once more, then go deeper in her valley her flower bloomed nice and big”

“I Love you, Levi it’s true” I whisper

“I know it’s hard to say” she added

“No, it’s not” ……

“I Love you…!”

“Don’t ride to hard, you’ll cum on my black pants” I say

“I’m ready to go then” she said

“really?” I ask

“Yes”she laugh

“My babe said she loves me, I need you now” she squeals

“I do love you” I say

She took her shoes off, grabbed my hand an started running. “The car baby, the car” she said the laughter filling the night sky.

“Devon open the car” she yelled twice

On arrival the door is open the music is playing Devon was in the front seat. I have never seen a woman take her close off that fast…

“Babe I’ll get the zipper” I tell her

“No put this on” I said

It’s was my strap, she packed it, without hesitation I tried to put it on, the strap was my way and I needed my way.

“Take you bra off” she said

“Ok” I say quick

She tried to get on top, but no I pinned her down I stroked her a hard as I could, stroke after stroke the next deeper and harder! She opened up for me! Her legs wide, her breast bouncing. I watched as I insert into her, how she cried out for more. My hair draped over her while she threw it back! It was rough and wild I gripped one hand around her neck and squeeze. Her hand rubbing over the one squeezing her never moving it. Her mouth opening, I suck her lips but never stop stroking her. I am in love with feeling love by this woman! Coming back spreading her legs wider lifting on in the air I kiss her up! She’s mine and can fucking feel it burning through my body. She’s fucking mine only mine, I’m stoking so fast she cries out my name so loud the once more!

“I’m I hurting you” I ask

“No,no,no, don’t stop” she grips on to my hips

pulling me in hard.

I pull back off her the push in hard my hand around her throat once again, I stroke her hard with all I have. she gives it back I love this woman shes mine. Me Levi I love her she’s fucking mine, feeling her explode I still can’t stop, she vibrates for a moment then I feel the fire blazing within and I cum  releasing all i have to give. She lays in my arms for a moment, my weight falls on top of her!

We look like we were in a fight, how could we go back in the party?

“Baby we’re going back to say bye, we have to” she laughed

She hands me a brush, and a ponytail holder. Her hair was all over how on earth were we going to fix this. She guided me the best she could.

“just brush hard and straight back, don’t be afraid” she said helping me pull the hair back

Looking in the mirror she smiles…

“they are going to know,” she laughed the look on her face she did not care of what anyone thought. We continued to dress, she turned for my assistance with the zipper, similar to how the evening started, I kiss her back slowly. She was the reason my heart was still above water, she had become the reason for my happiness. In turn I was learning to enjoy life in what seemed to be a real and hopeful way.

As we made our way across the field we had earlier ran, I lifted her on my back for a piggy back ride her shoes were left where we were resting on the sofa. We were caught up in the moment, ran off leaving them.

Back at the party, Bethany still enjoying herself and drinks flying all over the place as we entered.

Nikki ran up “well shit where the fuck have you been the past hour?” she said

“fuck it, my fucking boy!” she screamed over the music

“hey sister,” she said then kissed Aya

Spinning her around you hear

Cups Up, by Govana

Aya, whined up her body and here comes Bethany and Nori.  They turned up the place, was nice to watch.

Nun Reason 


“Me a real badman, that’s why she loves me” Aya sung along with the music

Watching her with my family my friends, a vision of what was real became clear. Everything thing life had to offer was at my fingertips.

Dinner and a Movie (7)

“Who’s the fairest of them all?” I say to her as she looks herself over. The smile she gives came from within her. I could feel the joy my touch brings to her, as my hands eased around her waist. Softly kissing the middle of her bare back. Her freckles trickle along the spine of her back dancing along her skin. Slowly tracing a pattern down kisses once her once more where the pattern ends. She turns to me ever so slightly, she was astonishing in every way.

“What do you think” she asked while fiddling with the ends of my hair.

Her dress was pink with what looked to be diamonds brushed over it. The dress fit like a glove then draping to the floor. A deep cut down the cleavage, her skin was nicely oiled with a golden mist over her honey colored Complexion. There was a strand hair out of place, drawn back to a ponytail with a part through the middle showing off her defined and high cheekbones.

Looking her in the eyes took my breath away for a moment, however finding the words “you look beautiful” in this fogged brain of mine.

She smirks and softly rolled her eyes, strumming her fingers though my hair while looking into my eyes.

“I have a secret” she whispered in my ear

Followed by a kiss to the cheek, this was I what I believed to be her signature.

“a deep secret” she whispered once more

I could feel the air she blows over my ear after, <<<<<FUCK>>>>> she sexy as fuck.

“What is it babe?” I muttered

“I need you” again she whispers

“I need you too” I reply

Wrapping my arms around her once more, this time pulling her nearer to me. Her hands holding my face she looked at me for a moment then softly kisses my lips, this time different from any time before.

“Levi” she said in a low voice

Before she could say anything more , I replied “I know”

Moving her hands from my face I say to her once more “I know”

Devon had arrived with the car, gathering our things we hurry to the car didn’t want to keep Gabe and Bethany waiting after all it was there night. I help her in the car, she was my queen of England. I also knew I once more avoided the conversation of Love.

The venue was St. Ives Country Club, the car pulled around we were about 20 minutes late. Devon opened the door, once I exiting the car i reach for my lady. Feeling the looks in our direction, this is what happens when your late to a event! She looks in the mirror for a beat, then her hand reaches for me. Her hand was elegant, she stepped out standing to her feet. Seemingly more beautiful than even before, maybe it was the lighting from the lanterns.

Walking up the walk way she looked to me. “You look so handsome, but Levi your face is beautiful” she said

Glancing in her direction I smile, but inward my Sagittarius vibrations were blazing.

This was no cake tasting I had ever seen before. The place was full of faces I hadn’t seen in years, and many faces I had never seen before. Our place setting read “The Okafor’s Levi and Aya” written in Gold over black. Seeing our names that way gave chills, it felt so right. Aya picked it up looking it over then placed it back down. She grabbed my hand, lifting to me I gently kiss it.

Most everyone was seated, Klaus was with Carla her on again off again girlfriend, Nikki was with My sister Nori, and Marlo was not at the table yet and Gabe and Bethany were seated at the head of the table.

Nikki and my sister had been a undercover thing for many years, I knew Nikki loved her and Nori did too. It was nice seeing them together publicly, putting to rest the guessing if Nikki was single. Her online Personna, Nikki the bachelor. Nikki raised her glass in my direction, mouth the words (you look good babe). I nod back in her direction. I had decided on a black look from head to toe, my suit shirt was black with a light pink trim to match Aya’s dress. She had the pink dusted to look like her. Truth was we looked damn good, and to myself I thought.  “the baddest bitch in the fucking room belong to fucking me”.  Looking down I chuckle, then lightly run my finger down her back then rub lightly over her ass. She leans in to view a picture Klaus was showing on her phone. Everyone was enjoying the evening, chatting and laughing. Bethany makes her way around the table to greet Aya. Aya stands to her feet as Bethany taps her shoulder, and the two beauties hug. Aya stood between my legs her very nice ass in my face I run my hand over it once more, she squeezing my thigh to let her pass.

“Oh my I met you the lovely Bethany” she said hugging her again

“Yes, oh gosh you are more beautiful then Gabe described you” Bethany squealed

“Thank you darling, but this is your night” Aya replied

“you look ever so beautiful this night” Aya added

“glad to meet you, and thank you so much” Bethany said, her voice Full of joy

“It’s good seeing Levi happy” Bethany added, looking to me

Aya extend her hand then brushed my cheek.

“She has captured my heart” Aya said looking away from me to Bethany

“Come on dear let’s go to the restroom, before the show starts.

Aya, whispers to me “I’m going to the with Bethany dear.”

She kisses my cheek, then once more real soft on the lips.

They make their way down the hall  arms interlocked.

“Looks like somebody is in love!” Klaus says smiling

“Bethany, is in love too” Gabe laughed

“She couldn’t wait to meet her” Gabe added laughter filled the table

“I see, it’s a good thing right?” I ask

“She hate everything and everyone, yeah it’s fucking phenomenal” Gabe laughed

“Don’t skip what I asked” Klaus laughed

The crowd became loud as I pause before answering.

“Yes… now leave it” I say taking a very large sip of champagne

“Real shit” Gabe said

A tear ran down Nori’s cheek, Nikki wiping her face with the napkin. I have never told a woman I loved her, even in moments when wanted to or needed to. This evening for instance, with Aya. Nori told me for years that I had never known real love, I never admitted that she was right. She knew I was hurting, made sure she stayed away. Hating how much I was hurt and down Nori’s love for me was different, one of blood and family. Always saying she could feel my pain, even while away. Her tear began to form in to crying.

“It’s ok I’m ok now” I say to her, placing my hand in hers

“She’s a good woman” Nikki said to Nori

“This is a happy event, no crying” Marlo said pulling out a chair

Everyone’s attention Except Nikki turns to Marlo.

“You all know Kiana, right” she said as Kiana took the seat she was holding for her

“Hello Kiana, it’s been a while” Carla said

Carla was always the shy type, she wasn’t aware of everything that had been happening. She had been studying broad the past seven months. due to Covid haven’t been able to come home until a week ago.

“Yes, a long while” Kiana said

Kiana gave a death stare across the table…

The table becomes uneasy. Nikki stood to her feet, placing her hand on Nori’s shoulder.

“I hadn’t realized you and Nori were official” Kiana said

“ or should I say public, you were always sleeping together” she added

“None of that we are all family here” Marlo laugh then sitting

Her table card read Marlo and Misty.

“Man what the fuck?” Gabe slams her hand to the table

The room grow quiet, on lookers start to whisper. Again, Gabe pounds the table, this time louder the before. The party became silent, the music stopped. It’s seemed even the servers stopped walking. Gabe’s wrath was clear, you could see the fire in her eyes. As I rise to my feet there they both stood. The woman of the hour and Aya.

“What is going on” Bethany asked

Nikki quickly stood grabbing the host mic “everything is ok, everyone grabs a drink” Nikki said

Slightly out of breath this time “turn the music up” wind leaving her body

“What’s going on babe?” Bethany said again

Nikki hurried to walk Bethany to her seat.

“Answer me Nikki” she Demanded

Aya stood looking confused but still ever so beautiful, The music filled the room. I guess someone asked them to play it louder, The music fill the room like a night club. Nikki, Nori, And Klaus head to the dance floor, to change the vibe. Klaus grabbed Aya as they walked by, we had been friends for so long I knew the queue. Making my way back to the table to get Carla. We all head to the floor the night was young! The party became a party, Nikki had away of making things ok.

The open bar called, we I thought I heard it. Sitting down I realized it had found Gabe and Nikki as well.

“Drinks on me” Gabe laughed

“Shit I fucking know” Nikki said back

“So now to your ass, twiggy” Nikki hit me in the arm

“You ain’t got to say the shit bro, I love her for you!” Nikki add squeezing me

“Fuck, that shit look good on you to” Gabe interjected

Easing her way between my legs, I grab on her ass pulling her closer.

“What looks good on my baby” Aya said, wrapping her arms fully around my neck

“You” Nikki Laughed

“I know, that’s why she’s mine, all mine” Aya said

The drinks were setting in and she was so happy in this moment.

“Aya, Marlo brought Kiana, I would never have disrespected you.” Gabe said

“Don’t bother yourself, I knew she would be here” Aya laugh

“Levi, this Levi is mine I don’t play games about what’s mine” Aya said while her hands hold my face

“Ok ok ok, shit that’s what I’m talking about” Nikki replied her look said it all

“She got me fucked up” Aya snapped

“I assume she’s here for Gabe and Bethany otherwise she will get her feelings hurt” Aya said as she turned to sit on my lap

“There you are” Bethany said as she kissed Aya softly on the lips

“Oh Levi, I love her” Bethany said

“So do I” I say as Bethany kissed my cheek.

Gabe and Nikki bump each other then look at one another. The mood was so high everyone seemed so up lifted and the moment was filled with complete joy.

“I love her Levi” Bethany said as Gabe put her arms around her

“I love her too I promise” I reply

“you better” Bethany said with a glare

The music blaring over the place seemed everyone had made the way to the bar. Nori, hugged me and Aya. I could see Bethany was happy and Gabe was happy she was fucking happy. I used to wonder why she spent so much time making her happy, but now I know.

Back at the table Klaus and Carla had join back with Marlo and Kiana. Kiana had seen the table settings for The Okaffor’s. That all chatted, the vibe was awkward. Everyone was making their way back to the table. The food was being served the number of servers bringing out the food look like something out of a movie. Aya, sat next to Kiana with no hesitation, sitting then immediately drawing her attention to me.

“My baby is fucking fine, and fucking mine” she whispered to me then kissing my lips

Clearly Aya don’t play, I love that shit it was a turn on! Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Drinks being tossed, memories being made, reminiscing on old times. Bethany was happy she was my sister, not by blood but in my heart. This was my family, days like these are what life are about.

Cake… (6)

Falling to my bed, the fragrance surrounding smelled of her. The perfume she wore with a hint of sex. I had fallen from a dark place, and woken up! The sun was setting on the day. The Sun is beautiful at the moment when the amber starts to break and night begins to fall. The last four months for devastating it would seem like the snap fingers they were over. I had an eaten a full meal so long I could barely remember what it was like.

In this fours month I lost many things, weight, my girlfriend, my sanity, sense of hope, most importantly time. They say plant to seed and watch them grow. My artwork were those seeds, I’ve planted many of them. Lying there I googled my #Artjunki I had over 20,000 tags who me oh my, I couldn’t believe it. Hell, I never thought to check them.

There was a particular photo that stood out to me. #ArtJunkie Mrs. Shepard, it was the first piece I sold after Kiana and I broke up. The piece was called Lost girl, It was posted in my online gallery, I didn’t price it bidding only. Last girl became popular due to its resemblance Kiana, the dreads were made of fire, her skin was made of wood and a total Demonstration being actually a puzzle missing a many piece. It meant something that way and that form.

I don’t believe she’s ever seen it. This piece sold for 3,475 surprising being that it was such a personal piece for me. When I think back on that day I had five pieces up for bidding. Lost girl sold first and fast! Trying not to spend too much time dwelling on the situation. My mind screamed out I needed to know who Miss Shepherd was. To my friends it may have seemed i didn’t care but honestly, I was processing too much at once. My life had flipped upside down and I’m trying to fly right again.
Hell I was still trying to wrap my head around this past week. I saw Kiana and I didn’t give a flying fuck. I haven’t even given it a single thought passed the moment it happened.

Am I a monster?
Am I numb?
Will I regret this?

Fuck it D none of the above!

I’m good on that, recently I saw a post. “If I had to heal from you, then I’m never letting you back in my life!” Author unknown

My feelings in a nut shell.

Bleep bleep….

Nikki: bro when the wedding?
Levi: right around the corner.
Nikki: damn dog I knew your ass was in love! I can’t lie I like her for you.

What the hell is Nikki going on about, here I am thinking she’s talking about Gabe and Bethanys wedding. I’m going to take her on a ride.

Levi: me too…
Nikki: are you all together?
Levi: I want to be.
Nikki: shit that’s real
Nikki: so let me guess you put that shit down on her.
Levi: Aya, is different, but I want her every minute of the day

As the conversation with Nikki continued I realized, I wasn’t taking her on a ride anywhere, what I was saying was true. Maybe not the marriage part not yet anyway. what am i saying maybe not the marriage part? All the rest extremely true I wanted to be with her!

Nikki: damn bro that shit sounds nice as hell.
Levi: lol.., yeah
Nikki: tell her, don’t forget you get in your way with love shit. Tell her
Levi: I will I promise this

Group Chat:
Gabe: so you in love with her?
Klaus: I’m fucking loving what I’m hearing
Nikki: I had to!
Levi: maybe…
Gabe: tell her!
Nikki: I told her this!
Klaus: did you eat?
Nikki: food!!!!
Levi: I ate some soup
Gabe: not food? Lmao…
Levi: that too!
Klaus: bro you already have a strong jaw, that shit going to be real Chiseled!
Levi: wait till I get my weight up!
Gabe: if you eating then you fucking,
weight never going up, lil ass!
Nikki: she fine may as well
Gabe: lock her in as the wife soon!
Klaus: yes, do that!

They always knew how to make me laugh, they had been the glue keeping me together when I wanted to give up. Nikki talk so much, but the love we have is the best!

Group Chat:
Gabe: Cake tasting Saturday, don’t forget Bethany will kill you!
Nikki: can I bring a date?
Gabe: you got a date? It’s family don’t bring who you fucking that night!
Nikki: that’s what you think of me?
Levi: I’ll be there what time?
Gabe: 6pm
Klaus: bring Aya, shit she so fine.
Gabe: yeah, please bring her…
Marlo: I’ll be there
Gabe: Marlo where you been?
Marlo: Working on a new case…
Nikki: Marlo I want to see Misty, yeah we know!
Levi: opp damn…
Gabe: Klaus who you bringing
Klaus: you will see!
Marlo: Levi, People don’t wait forever.
Gabe: Marlo truth in those words

Marlo’s words hit hard, looking at my phone I start think of ways to tell her. Should I invite her over, a call, or text message. We had been out every day together in some way or another, since we met.

Levi: Aya, you busy?

Aya: in the bath… but not busy
Levi: are you seeing anyone?
Aya: you
Levi: oh me? would you say we are exclusive?
Aya: yes, I think of us as together. if thats what you are asking?
Levi: are you ok with only seeing me?

I don’t know how to do all this shit…

Aya: Levi
Levi: yes?
Aya: your mine now! lol
Levi: ok, man im not good with things like this…!
Aya: I’ll teach you how to love me, and you’ll never have to worry
Levi: you have plans for Saturday 6p?
Aya: I’ll be with you im sure lol
Levi: yes you will, Gabe’s cake tasting for his soon to be wife, is that night. I need to bring mine too!

Fuck did I just say she was my wife?
Aya: Ill be there if you are there!
Aya: so I’m your soon to be wife?

Yeah I fucking totally said it…
Levi: shit I’m gonna have the finest women there, oh damn
Levi: yes, i said what i said about the wife thing.
Aya: i see,
Aya: you want to live with me??

Oh shit this was escalating in hyper speed, fuck I’m just going and going. The next text message we’re gonna have a baby on the way. What the hell am I doing?

Levi: you want to live under the same roof?
Aya: I want to see you daily, so yes
Levi: ok, who’s place?
Levi: I’ll make you keys, then we see from there.

What the fuck am I doing? I’ve said to much! Now we moving in getting married sharing bank accounts and having a baby! what the fuck, crazy as hell, this why I say nothing!

Aya: I have to finish my bath, baby!
Levi: call me on the video let me watch you.
Aya: ok, baby

Aya was into things like that she loved being sexy for me. She made me realize I enjoyed the togetherness she brought to the table. As the phone rang I could feel my heart smiling, let me answer this my wife on the phone. I laughing to myself then answer.

“ I put the phone up high baby so you can see me good” she said

music playing,

It’s ok, you’re ok, by Bonjr

seeing just a hint of her body coming through the bubbles. Watching her rub soap over her body I relax down in my chair. It became clear she was mine only mine. her thighs, the breast I love so much, every curl on her head, her perfect curves in her shape, and that fat beautiful pussy between her legs. She was washing, me wishing I was the bath sponge gliding across her body. The cold air was making her nipples erect. I’m fucking locked in, her movements she was my goddess, she saved me from the darkness I was feeling. Closing my eyes as the music took over, she had come over me releasing an energy on to me. Was she my wife? Was she what I had been needing? Never been touched so deeply not fucking ever.

My eyes opened, she stands to her feet water rolling over her golden skin. Have I fallen in love with Aya? Rincing the soap slowly from her body, my VIP seating as she rises the water between her legs one leg up on the side of the tub the water raining down me middle, She begun to vibrate from inside her place deep within . She was beautiful as she released… her body delicate and flowing I need this woman to be my wife! Her arm fell to her side water sprayed all over, She was tired!

“Aya, baby” I whisper

She jumped, I believe she forgot we were on the phone.

“Yes baby” she answered

“Come to me baby, I need to hold you” I asked her

“I need to be in your arms” she said smiling

“ I’ll have Devon bring me” she answered quickly

“Wear that robe” I say pointing

Putting it on she models for me, then slipping her feet into a pair of heels clear with pink sparkles. Was my baby a stripper? It’s ok Come strip for daddy!

Bleep bleep….

Nikki: I need to know….
Levi: what’s up
Nikki: are you ok about seeing Kiana the other day?
Nikki: I want you to be ok…
Levi: bro I’m good, haven’t given Kiana much thought
Nikki: fuck you love her don’t you?
Levi: I took you advice
Nikki: what was that? I say a lot
Levi: bro I told Aya.
Nikki: lunch tomorrow I need details! But she better be your damn woman
Levi: and she is, good night

Ding dong….

I feel like it’s a hotline bling going on in my life.

Who is it?….

Really baby…

“ Oh shit” , Aya….

I Hurrying to the door, “coming” I yell

Opening the door Aya is standing there I hadn’t realize the robe was so transparent. I smile so big for two reasons, her very revealing robe and the fact that she had three bags packed. She put the bags down near the door. We can deal with them in the am, motioning for her to come to the other room. Sitting back into the sofa, I immediately feel the warmth of her body against mine, nice having the weight of another against me this was something I had been longing for.

She slept the reminder of the night there on the sofa, as I looked at her an idea came to my mind. Deciding I should draw her, with a clear mind I could give my true expression.   She was worldly beautiful the kind people write about books. I wanted to show the soul of the women who laid before me. Reaching down to pull form a place I had visited in years, I was able to capture her. My back pressed against the chair, feeling my toes spared across the bar that ran along the bottom of the chair the steal was cold against the bottom of my foot. I wish I could trap this moment in my mind, trying to wrap her in to my memory. Kiana use to dance in the corner of my mind, with every moment passing with Aya, Kiana became a blur.

The canvas had transformed, I caught her truth.   Or maybe It was my own truth being reveled.  For so long resided in the shadows while allowing her to shine. Mild obsession she was my first love, my only love until now. Seeing the new I realize maybe love was never what I had been in.  I finished the nape of her valley, with little effort.   Now I could eat.

Chapter 7 on the way

Lady Fingers (5)

Thank you Devon…. She waved
He closed the door…

Her driver wasn’t a traditional style driver no black suit, but dress well nevertheless. It was dark inside the truck style limo, she across from me.

“I gave him instructions to ride far out, i’ll let him know when you’re ready to turn around and come back towards the city.” Is that ok she asked?

“Yes, I want to talk to you” I replied

Aya, took her shoes off then crossing her legs in the seat.

“About what dear?” She said

“ you, about you” I reply

“Anything you want to know” she smiled

“Then can we kiss me?” She added

“Yes, I’ll kiss both set of your lips” i whisper

She gripped her legs tight, my answer wasn’t what was expected.

Aya told me of her life, she works in marketing and foreign trade. She told me about how she Started down this path at a young age 20. Prior to her first marriage, She and Her ex were divorced for the better part of four years now. This was the only relationship she’s ever known. I was more shocked she was married to a man, because that’s what everyone expected of her. She was 32, born on June 27th. Aya, explained how he first sexual encounter was a girl in high school by that name of Tori. She allowed Tori to finger her During a school play in the auditorium, one finger, then two fingers. It felt so good she said they went to the bathroom to finish. She told me how she sat across her lap and she fingered her till she came. Not knowing what that even meant at the time. Only that it felt so fucking good.

Then again in collage she dated a girl, this was Dee she was more of a tomboy type. They were mates for the better part of two years. She spoke of their life’s in detail. She loved Dee, I could tell She didn’t tell me of sex with her and careful of the details. Only they had physical altercation, During this time she met her husband, her husband knew she was a lesbian. He didn’t care to much, because she was Beautiful, I’m assuming this much.

So She talk of one relationship, being her husband. I asked her of sex with him, she spoke of it like nothing I’ve ever heard. They were married 4 years and she didn’t have sex only the once. They live in different places, as he I knew they would.

“I used my fingers for myself” she whispered

“Now I want my kisses” she added

I extended my hand, she placed her hand in mine. I gently tug on her to come to me, she didn’t move.
“You want me to come to you” I asked

“Yes” she answered

“Don’t keep me waiting” she whispered

I didn’t kiss her, first pulling her dress over her head. Tossing it to the floor, her award-winning breast bouncing in my face, I smiled from a different place deep in my core. I knew she had a passion for kissing, I avoided kiss her at all… instead I push her legs apart my finger tip ran up her middle, feeling the breathing change to panting. Her panties gold with a tied bow Badly I wanted to rip them off. I could feel her reaching to kiss me. I refused her, placing the palm of my hand on her vagina I could feel her press back she was ready. Rubbing my finger around the outline of her panty.
Again she reaches for me, this time lightly bite the inner part of her thigh.
She flinched so again then kissing the outer skin of her panty line. I feel they are in the way, I take them off her. Then finally I kiss her finally spreading her lips as I kiss her pussy lips deeper. She was easy to wet, I feel her start to flow. Her legs became wider, she pulled my shirt over my head. My shorts had already start down, stopping to get them off. I kiss her stomach, up to her mouth as I kiss her I penetrate her with my fingers. She cried out, grabbing me closer she opened up for me more than before. The deeper I went the move she ran down on me. Her lips never leaving mine, she started rubbing her clit as add one more, three was the magic number. Deeper inside her I go so wet Needing her on top. she obliges me three still inside she throws it back I suck her nipple. Aya, puts her hand down my boxers she could feel how wet I was, her fingers feel around she looks me in the directly in the eye, her lips say “your mine” and her finger goes in my hole over and over her thump on my clit same time. She Moans loud like cry she starts to Cum on my fingers. I’m taken over, I rub out for her clit. Aya, continues push in and out.

I hear her “can I kiss it?”

I don’t answer, then I feel the warmth of her lips on my clit and fuck it feel good. Her tongue with the sucking. I cum so hard my teeth chatter.

Nude on my lap she sits, I love her breast the nipples dip upward. Fucking perfect I grip one in my hand. Then touch that fat pussy once more.
“You are mine now” I say
“ I had better be” she replied
“Put it in me” she said

“Need my strap” i mutter

“Not with me you don’t, I want you” she said kissing my lips

“How will you ride me like the other day” I ask

“I’m ride you better, cum harder for you” she moaned my fingers inside her again

“I watch you bounce on me, how could you without it?” I ask

“ I was riding you not the strap making love to you and I always will.” She moaned this time louder

“Let me show you” she cried out

We made love the rest of the night in one way or another. Thinking to myself were did we drive to what time is it? We talked for what seemed to be hours. She laid in my arms till we returned to the city.

Chapter (6) up next

New Day… (4)

“Good to see you” Marlo smiled then gave me a hug.

Marlo and I had be friends the longest of all my friends. However her and I had a falling out in collage. Both side wouldn’t take blame. My truth was easy, your my friend so you take my side don’t matter what the deal is! When Kiana and I split in college Marlo took her side, saying I wasn’t easy. For lack of better words she believed me to be mean, and hard to deal with. Looking back to those times she may have been right, don’t change the facts, she cheated not the other way around. We found our way back to friendship a few years later. Yes, a few years later we are both stubborn. Us both being Sagittarius our birthday two days apart.

“ yeah man, I been buried in work” I reply

“ I’ve heard, you been the hot buy of the art world” she said

“Heard about the The Tree House” she added

It had slipped my mind, the events of that day. Nikki seemed shocked about all my work being there. It’s had become the normal way being treated well when out so I haven’t thought much about the behavior.

“Nikki seemed quite shocked” I laughed

“Not just Nikki, Klaus is who called me” she replied

“ I did a Search a Mrs. Shepard” she added

Marlo as ways did a research sometimes too well. Marlo found out Mrs. Shepard was married but recently separated from a huge dealer in Coffee import and export. She also found that she was a lover of many arts, mine being only one. Her social media was filled with my artwork. Marlo found it strange only because she had never introduced herself to me in anyway. She was clearly a fan but not interested in meeting me did seem odd.

“Bro she has no pictures of her face” Marlo said

I could see she didn’t like any of it, I wasn’t sure why.

“ it doesn’t matter she paid me for the pieces” i add

“I guess your right” she replied

She had so many thoughts about the situation but she decided to pull back. Possibly because it wasn’t the right time. Marlo has a habit of digging too deep, freaking her self out.

Bleep bleep

My phone was going off…

Aya: Good afternoon dear…

My heart stopped it seemed for what a few moments. Thinking of her face how her lips move as she forms her words. The way my fingers slip through her hairs as I press my lips against hers. Frozen in time for a few more moments.

“Earth to Levi” I hear, looking up slowly I see Klaus

“Levi” she said once more

“Oh what’s up wit ya” I say

“You good” I add

“You look lost baby boy” Klaus laughed

“Shit bro you got your hair done, nice” she added

“I’m not lost, just thinking” I answer still thinking

“You look better for real, still skinny as fuck” Klaus said laughing

“Did anyone help you yet?” Misty asked

“Naw we talking baby girl” Marlo answered

Misty was waitress at Big Cup Coffee most Thursday’s mornings, I have been a while, so I wasn’t up to speed. Marlo had a thing for misty, I almost think that’s why we come here, it’s not as if they have the best coffee.

“Misty can you bring three coffees, half-and-half and bagel with cream cheese for the skinny one” Marlo asked

“Sure thing honey, you need sugar?” She added

“Yes that’s perfect” Marlo said looking her over

She smiled shyly as she walked away. Marlo was very much like Nikki, they love the ladies. And ladies love them.

“ you gonna leave me alone about my way” I say to the both

“Don’t nobody want a too skinny nigga” Marlo laughed

“That fine ass Brit seem to like that skinny shit” Klaus replied

Fuck I left her on read, I got carried away in the conversation.

Levi: hello baby girl
Aya: hope you’re ok
Levi: yes now I am
Aya: why is that?
Levi: you
Aya: I hope you are baby

“When you gonna tell me about miss new new” Marlo ask

They both carried on Klaus explaining how beautiful she was at The Tree House drawing close detail to her body and her accent. Nikki told them both she was at the house the following morning. They all talk so much nothing was a secret.

Aya: You know you are my baby right
Levi: I know now
Aya: is that ok
Levi: yes, more than ok

Been around my friends was always a relaxed vibe. Watching them chat was something I did often, I’ve always been the quit one.

“Levi how did you get her number, I thought you didn’t know her?” Klaus Looks at me

“Outside when left she gave me her card” I replied

“Shit that card must have been nice as fuck you called straight away” Marlo added

“Call me daddy, shit she fine as fuck I would have called too” Klaus muttered

“No joke” i said sharp

My mind drifted as they continued to talk. how was I so fucking lucky in this moment in time. The coffee Arrived as did Misty the sexy waitress. I noticed something different about her, normally she doesn’t look Marlo directly in the eye. Today was different As she placed my coffee in front of me, she rubbed her hand on Marlo’s shoulder resting it there. Normally something like this would gauge Marlo to react in a boyish way. Today was altogether different she quietly said “thank you baby girl”, paused the looked at her then whispers “thank you.” Watching her as she walks away and briefly she looked back making Slightest but very clear eye contact. They are sleeping together, I know it!

“Misty huh” I say

Marlo said nothing, that was odd. She looked down at her phone. Still saying nothing she sips her coffee. We all sit for, no words exchanged. Klaus deep in her messages on her phone, Marlo drinking this coffee you’d think it’s the best coffee she’s ever had this life time she’s so involved.

Bleep bleep….

Nikki: Wya
Levi: The coffee cup with Marlo and Klaus
Nikki: be there in 5
Levi: bet

Bleep bleep

Kiana: You really not gonna say nothing
Kiana: so who the fuck is The asshole
Kiana: you moved on?

I can’t fathom entertaining anything formulated from her mouth or her thought process at the moment.

“Damn you look good”….

I feel two hands rest on my shoulders, I flinch quickly realizing Nikki arrived.

Nikki stood looking at me, her dreads tied in a bun. She seemed to dressed for success. All black. She looked sharpe her skin was radiant. This meant one thing. She was wearing her I got a massage and facial look. Knowing her she also had her feet done. You know the one with the fish swimming in the water! Nikki was always extra with a capital E!

“My boy, baby You fucking good as fuck” Nikki yelled

The Coffee Cup was not a hip coffee shop like seen on television in episode of friends. It was old and rustic, beautiful open windows in door outdoor setting. We always went for outdoor setting unless the weather didn’t permit it.
Originally it was because we watch the people but over time it seems that people pass to watch us. Nikki and Klaus being basketball stars turn models and all. Well that’s what they believed it was.

“New Levi baby, I love it” she said kissed my check

“Alright alright, I got my hair done” I say hoping she would stop.

“I love it baby, my fucking boy look good” Nikki said close to my ear

Did I look different? I got my hair done, that was a step up. I had on cream shorts and cream-colored tee, golds to the bottom teeth just how I like it. Moisturizer on my face oh yeah brows plucked right. Now that you put it that way other than the fact that I 15lbs underweight I may have been that bitch. I laugh to myself.

“ Aya making you happy I see, I like that shit” she said leaning nearer to me

“She fine as fuck my nigga” Nikki said still leaning in to me

The Love we had for one another was astounding unmatched, we were like blood!
Nikki‘s face couldn’t hide how happy she was, you would think I was getting married or something the way she looked at me.

Bleep bleep…

Kiana: stop playing with me
Kiana: who is Mrs. Shepard?
Kiana: answer the fucking phone

Klaus, was still deep in the text messages. Marlo welcomed Nikki with open arms, these two were the same in so many ways. Lady killers is what I call them both! Watching the two of them together Work the room. It never mattered how large the room was only that the two of them were there, I believe they both truly bring smiles to anyone’s face.

“answer your text baby boy” Nikki said looking at me

“I can’t”I mutter

Nikki reaches for my phone, unlocking the passcode I pass her my phone.

She reads over the text, the she looks up to me…
Her lips move, I could barely make out the words.
Again she mouths what you gonna do?

She passes back the phone, looking at it I Hesitate before picking up!

Bleep bleep….

Aya: are you busy honey?

Levi: I’m not
Aya: I’m downtown I was wondering if you want to meet me?
Levi: I’m downtown already at The Coffee Cup, where are you?
Aya: I’m one block from there
Levi: come to me
Levi: wait, do you mind all my friends are here? two you haven’t met…
Aya:No baby that’s fine
Levi: oh I’m ready to see you
Aya: me to

“I wasn’t ignoring you” Marlo said from nowhere

“ I was think about how we changed and that you and Kiana are over” Marlo added

“Yes we are but it’s ok” I reply

“ you moved on it seems, our family” her voice cracked a little

Nikki look over to Marlo, Klaus reach up “ this is not the time!”
“People make mistakes” Marlo said

“Are you talking to Kiana right now?” I yell

“Why you’re not?” She glared at me

Aya: baby I’m here
Levi: we are outside on the left

Klaus looks as if though she seen a ghost And like that I knew it was my Aya. There she stood 5’6, her hair was Black straight with a part down the middle showing off her cheek bones. Her freckles were so beautiful each of them shining through her Makeup so bright. As she looked up to catch my gaze her lashes are whimsical. He dress fitted as if it was made for her body, her Breast nice and full with three freckles across the top of the right breast. Her dress fit tight around the breast and loose like a doll dress. Her skin lightly dusted with gold all over. A single gold custom link chain around her neck with a 3D heart covered in diamonds. A matching bracelet and anklet. A diamond AP on her left wrist. Aya was breath taking. She look at me, she wanted to say hello to my friends but she came to me quickly. Fully Embracing me, her arms extended I stood to met her. Her hands to both sides of my face. Her lips rested over mine, Mouthing to her I say hi my baby. Her body against mine. Leaning back ever so slightly, she runs her fingers though my hair. Once more her hands behind head she kissed me deeply this time.

“Aya, this is Klaus and Marlo, Nikki you know already” I say turning her to my friends

“Yes Nikki dear, pardon my manners I’m glad to met you all” she said while turn her direction to then.

“It’s lovely to met you” Klaus smiled and waved to her

“You look wonderful “ Nikki smile

“ thank you my dear” she smiled

Marlo said nothing, I don’t believe Aya even noticed reaching for my chair I sit down. Aya sat on my lap while she looked over my hair. I could see forever in her eyes, it’s it possible to want to be completely intertwined with another.

“Levi you look so good honey, you look my baby” she leaned in and whispered

“You like it baby?” I ask her

“More then you know” she smiled

“ I got you a chair” Misty said place the chair near me

“Thank you” Nikki and I in unison

I watch her as she moves, how could she be so fucking perfect. She reached holding my knee as she sat in her chair. I could see Klaus watching me. Klaus and Gabe were alike in this way. I could read Klaus, approval or disapproval was easy to see in both. She seemed pleased with what she saw. By this time we had taken over the area in the coffee shop.

“I’ll get us a coffee, would you like something special?” Nikki asked Aya

“coffee heavy cream and 3 Splenda” she replied
“ a croissant for Levi please” she quickly added

“Coming right up” Nikki laughed

Marlo jumped up to walk with Nikki, I could see she wasn’t happy about Aya joining us. We aren’t going to have a round two of Junior year of college. Not this time.

Klaus looking forward to Aya said, “ I’m glad you joined us, nice you met Levi”

“ your so kind” so said placing her hand over Klaus’s hand.

I Klaus look at her and smiled so big “ you are a beautiful souls Aya added “l can feel it!”

She looked back to me her hair fell back from her face, the beauty I could see.

Bleep bleep…

Kiana: answer me
Kiana: I know where you are
Kiana: answer me

I never checked my phone, Aya was with me. All my friends were here but one so i think I’m good. I see Nikki and Marlo coming back, Marlo is smiling that’s a good sign.

Coffee coming up, Nikki seemed so happy Thursday’s we would be here for hours working and chatting.

“Sorry if I was rude I was so in my phone I didn’t say hello, I’m Marlo” she said to Aya

“You more the ok, nice meeting you” Aya replied

She looked back for approval, she needed none this is my family where trust is everything. Sitting back again in her chair her hand reached to mine, her fingers fiddling between mine. I bite the croissant Nikki brought back, the flakes dropping back to the plate. For the first time in a long time I could taste butter baked into the bread, tasted the salt for the butter. Melting on my tongue, I hadn’t tasted food in so long, it was the taste of the first time! I heart was smiling at me, and I was smiling graciously back. Nikki finds her way over to chat Aya about upcoming events. Nikki planned out Gabes wedding and all her and Aya talk about a lot in a short amount of time will the other worked on their work.

“Nikki, leave it up to you to have the girl at Thursday brunch!” A voice said

Before I looked up I knew who it was, Kiana had a way of ruining a wet dream.

“Hey Kiana, be easy baby girl” Nikki relied

“ your girl seems to be in Levi’s face” she seemed to bark

“Naw homie this is Aya, don’t be rude” Nikki said

“She’s here with Levi” she added

Nikki lost respect for Kiana some time ago before the break up ever happened. She assumed there was something going on long before I did she never really said much out of respect for my relationship. She saw Kiana for who she really was, or should I say Gabe saw her truth long ago and her and Nikki burned one over it. The thoughts of one became the thoughts of most all. Kiana knew Gabe never saw the appeal of her and stayed her distance.

“Hi Levi” she snipped

“It’s been awhile” I say short

“And you are?” She said looking at Aya

“Me darling I’m as Nikki said” she replied

“Aya,” she adds quickly

“Aya, interesting” she said looking towards me.

Kiana wasn’t an average woman herself she was beautiful, her hair was in dreads for the past six years I had always loved seeing her that way. Her skin was fresh and brown with a hint of honey. She stood thrusting her shoulders back her dress long hanging to the ground flowing at feet. She’s still beautiful as ever somethings never change. Her eyes looked of rage burning from deep in her soul, not understanding her anger for it was made by her own will.

“It’s good seeing you…” Nikki intervenes

“I can’t say the same” Kiana snapped back

“Levi I was trying to reach you” she added

“Kiana now isn’t the best time” Marlo said standing to her feet.

Marlo walked to Kiana saying something in her ear. Kiana and her turned to leave passing me then walking too the front walking to the sidewalk. Kiana and Marlo had always been more like sisters. Aya, didn’t say much the remainder of the time, she sat browsing thru a magazine she found over by the register. Marlo and Kiana had disappeared into the city.

Klaus was still working digitally on her upcoming project, she also worked in graphics like myself. We both did graffiti work as well. Klaus had recently done quite a few of the walls in the underground mall in Atlanta. Easy to spot her work she was the House of Niklaus. You see Klaus, her real name was also Nicole unlike Nikki who’s name was Giovanni. You could find her graffiti almost anywhere New York City, California, Miami, she had even done work overseas places like Germany, Europe, and a few islands. Klaus has made a name for herself, proving to her family, Graffiti art was more than just Street vandalism, as her mom thought. Klaus was in trouble many times for tagging trains, ally walls, and ran down businesses. Landing herself in trouble many times over! Finally landing her in Rhode Island School of Design, she turned everything around. Now they pay top dollar for what was once viewed as vandalism.

My computer was making my eyes blurry, seeing double. My body had grown tired it was past time to go. Aya, looked at peace I hated I would disturb her. With everyone’s a quiet decided I tech what are the more appropriate.

Levi: would you like to go for a ride?

Her eyes slowly rise, with every glance she was more beautiful. A soft smile parted her lips then softly in her checks.

Aya: yes, I’d be delighted, my car or yours.

I only lives a few blocks from here so I had called a Carshare service.

Levi: yours, I didn’t drive here, is that ok?
Aya: yes, I’m ready to kiss you for real.
Levi: for real?
Aya: yes, you know the kind were my clothing come off!
She smiled as she watched me read her text. My mind flooded back to the mirror in my bedroom. Her hand gave a soft squeeze to my knee, she knew where my mind drifted.
Aya: let me call my driver, let him know we are ready

Driver… I think to myself!

She has a driver, wait what?

Then I think for a beat, I don’t have a clue what she does for a living. It’s a Thursday afternoon here she is sitting here with us. We work for ourselves. How could ive been this careless not to even ask her. Maybe l selfish, I was only thinking of what my needs, in the moment never even concerning myself with who she was. I didn’t ask?

Levi: ok let me know when your ready.

looking over her, Head to toe nothing was out of place. Hard to tell what kind of business she’s in. One where she makes good enough money to have a damn driver.

A few moments passed she gently squeeze my new once again, “He’s here” she said quietly

Gathering their attention, alerting them that we were leaving. They said their goodbyes and we hurried out the door.

Chapter (5) is under way

I’ll show you: (3)

I couldn’t find sleep tossing and turning, this feeling of being alone hasn’t settled in. being here, with Kiana on my mind, and all the years between us. Feet to the floor, I slip in to the kitchen. A drink is what I need and fucking strong one. Spark up a spliff get me right, get some work done. Starting up the music on my surround sound, suppress some of these fucked up memories of the damage and hurt. Drawing always brings me solace. The art world is a happy place, Kiana tried her best at destroying that also, thankful I emerged before it could happen.

As I inhaled deeply, the black card from Aya, and just like that My mind went back, her brushing me, and the way she stood at my car. Puffing my spliff once more thoughts easy me the sound of her Smokey voice, body of a goddess. Aya where did you come from? Flipping back and forth between my fingers thinking to myself should I text her. Is it to late to text her? This way when she wakes up in the am to a message. Most people eat that up. Grabbing my phone, I decided fuck it I got this go for it.

Me: Hello Aya,
Levi just wanted to say nice meeting you and this my number.

Hope it’s not too late, shit hope it doesn’t wake her, “Fuck” it’s one am! I hadn’t even noticed


Aya: Levi darling, what a good surprise!

“Oh, I woke her damn it” I say to myself

Me: Hope I didn’t wake you, I was up working.
Aya: no I’m up working also
Me: oh nice, couldn’t sleep so I started working
Aya: good you focused your energy, why couldn’t you sleep?
Me: long story
Aya: tell me the long story, we have all night!
Me: Its not good to talk about it’s a hard place.
Aya I still would like you to open up, do you know if you tell someone then it frees you of the sadness and you can forgive and move on.
Me: it’s about my ex, do you still want to know?
Aya: yes
Aya: now go ahead

How did this get here? Why would she want to know that? So, I’m supposed tell her? about how I’m fucking destroyed devastated and defeated the three D’s in one conversation oh my God! I can’t lie to her.

Aya: I’m waiting
Me: Sorry
Me: My ex cheated on me for about a year. I found out about five months ago.
Aya: I understand why you can’t sleep then.
Me: yes, it’s not easy we also shared our apartment but she finally moved out! So for lack of better words I’m just fucked up, being here.
Aya: I know that people don’t wanna hear this but we have to reach our lowest point to find a true greatness. I really believe this I always have. I think sometimes we have to be destroyed in order for us to leave certain situations otherwise we would just stay.
Aya: pardon me, I’m not saying you should’ve been hurt.
Me: no, you are right!
Me: I feel I lost 5 years of time.
Aya: no, don’t think that! You lost someone you loved but intern you grow in
Me: this home in full of memories.
Aya: it’s time you make new happier ones
Me: I can’t find the time
Aya: you will dear
Me: when the hell is that going to be…
Aya: soon Levi
Aya: I’m going for pizza downtown you want me to stop and chat you?
Me: you’re going for pizza this late?
Aya: I could
Aya: no, I want to see you
Me : really?
Aya: yes
Me: I’ll come to you if you want
Aya: nope I’m coming to you, don’t change I want to see you just like you are!
Me: so you’re gonna get dressed I’ll be in my boxers and sports bra?
Aya: no, I have on crop top and shorts
Me: panties or bra lol…?
Aya: nope
Me: oh I was kidding!
Aya:I’m not, you need a friend to talk to so I’m coming to see you besides, I want to see you anyway.
Aya: send me your location!
Me: 1735 Peachtree St NE, UNIT 1320, Atlanta, GA 30309
Aya:On my way!
Aya:I’m video calling you!

Call from Aya………

“Hello” I said

“Oh my there you are my dear” she reposed

“ you look beautiful” I gasped

She had no makeup only lip gloss, her shirt hanging off her shoulder no bra straps. I might dye tonight!

“Why thank you” she smiled

“Levi,” she said

“Called to make sure you don’t change” she laughed

“Really” I laughed

“Yes I see you online, I want to see the other Levi” she smiled

Aya is on her way here, what the fuck? The finest women I see in forever at one in the morning! We talked the whole time she drove to my place. She was funny and proper as hell!

“You ready for me I hope?” She said

“For what” I laughed

“Too see me, I’m only about two minutes away” she said

“I’m as ready as I’ll ever be” I muttered

I was nervous as fuck, I got to hide it.  

“I more than read ” she relied

“are we the hugging or the kissing type of people” she smiled

“you want me to kiss you” I kind of choked

“let’s see if you are a proper Host and give me what I want” she replied

“You want me to make you a drink” I asked

“No time open the garage” she said

Fuuuucckkk she is here! I hung up the phone I was so nervous. I walked to open the garage. As it open I saw the lights of her white Tesla. I took a deep breath as I knew I was more nervous than I wanted to admit. As she pulled in I grabbed a pair of basketball shorts from the laundry rushed to slide them on. I headed out to greet her, I could see her hair in a wild messy bun her white crop top hanging off her in such way. Her door opened and there she was Aya at my fucking place. she wasn’t out of the car yet but she had opened the door for a moment so I figured she want me to walk around to her so I did.

“I’m here darling” she said smiling so big

“Yes you are” I replied

Making my way around the car, I reached for her hand to assist her, she reached back! She stood to her feet, the smell of her was simply intoxicating. Her arm so quickly went around my neck! I embraced her fully, my arms around her waist! She held me for a long time then kissed my neck, then my check!

“Hope you don’t mind my kiss all over you” she said

“No I don’t at all” I replied

“I’m sorry, I’m all up in your space.” She added

“Your good” I replied

“How wonderful” she said while hugging me tighter.

I smiled, she still holding on to me. Then kissing me once closer to my mouth but not on my lips. In my soul I would not have rejected her in anyway!

“I have something for you” she said

“Me” I asked

“You my dear” she replied

She released me to turn back to car, bending over in front of me to reach across grabbing a bag. Her body even more sexy better than earlier. The shape from my view was Phenomenal. I wanted to rub her down, but I can’t be rude. I love the shape of her body how sexy she is. It took everything in me not to touch her.

“Do you like cards” she asked

“Yes” I replied

“I have these for you” she said

Turning back around, she stepped closer to me. Her Body so nice in this shirt jiggling slightly as she turned back to me. She was wearing lose sleeping shorts white with a pink ribbon.

“Can I” she said

“Yes” I replied

I wasn’t sure what I was saying yes too, I wanted her so I said yes regardless to the outcome.

Her hands touched my face her finger ran across my lips slowly.

“You’re so beautiful” she whispers

While her arms eased around my neck once more. She dropped the bag from her hand. I pulled her really close to me with my arms around her waist tighter this time.

“Want to kiss you” she said

“But” ……

Before she could finish I relieved her and I kissed her, I wanted to kiss the first time I saw her. I could feel her breast against mine. Lower my hand around her checks to pull her more into me. Her hands grab my face and she returned my kiss. I could feel her heart beating fast. Its been so long sense I felt a woman or even had a desire to want anyone. How did we get here in this moment? Feeling her opening up to me and I wanted to take her there! I picked her up she wrapped her legs around me. Worried she would feel how weak I am. I could feel my legs shaking. I hold as I lay her back to the seat as kiss so deep. Opening her legs more so I could rest between them as I kissed her soft. What was I doing? I could feel things heating up putting my arms around her she kissed my forehead and ran her fingers though my dreads, she kissed me so softly a deeper this time.

“I want to make you feel better” she whispered

“You already have” I replied

Sucking my lip with hers, I could dye a happy woman right now! As she sucked my lip it deepened till my tongue was in her mouth. Rubbing up her side I ran my hand over her breast till her nipple was finally in my hand. Massaging it while we kissed, finally she was in my hands. What I wanted all day. The fantasy in my head was a reality.   All day I thought about having her in my hands how could this be true. Could it be she wanted the same thing, to be at my will. If a had my strap I would put it deep in her right now. Watch her body vibrate on it. As she lets me inside her, she felt different I want her to be mine. So, I must take my time with her.

“Let’s go inside” I said

She kissed me once more, this time wrapping her legs around me I started to rub along her thighs. My mind drifted thinking of her naked pulling her into me while I run deep in her while she called my name!

“Levi” she said
Without thinking I ran my hand between her legs, I could feel the thickness of her lips, I wanted to put it in her so bad.

Then I realized I was gripping her rubbing her pussy, she moved my hand inside her shorts. She kissed me so deep, she let me rub her while we kissed.
“I’m sorry” I whispered

“It’s ok, I needed it too” she said then kissed me softly.

“let’s get a drink” I asked her

I helped her up holding her hand, picked up the bag she dropped. She pushed the door closed to the car never letting me go.

“Welcoming to my home” I said

“Thank you so much for letting me come” she replied

What on earth was I doing to her, I blanked out for a moment.

“Where can I put my bag?” She asked

“My room is down the hall, I’ll show you” i replied

“ I’ll find it” she said

I watched her walk off down the hall, I headed off to the kitchen to make her a drink.

What was I doing to her? She felt amazing, and she probably just wanted to kiss me. Did I take it too far? I love the way she felt! It’s been so long since I felt a woman. I looked the clock had bright 2:15am on it…

“Levi Dear the place is extremely nice honey” she said

Thank god she didn’t seem mad. This was a blessing especially because I didn’t quite remember what I have done!

“Thanks” I reply

“I made you a drink” I added

She walked over to me, as she got near I saw she had on my shoes a pair of slides!

“Nice shoes” I say smiling

“You like them I see” she replied

“ found them by the door” she added

“ they look good on you” I said

I laughed but was still nervous. She came near taking the drink from my hand. Immediately taking a sip, then leaning to kiss me. Her lips were cold, and moist form her drink. Standing glaring at me, with a gaze I had never see.

“ I love how dim you have it” she said

“I had the add to relax the mood for work” I tell me

She reach to me once more grabbing my hand.

“Let’s go by the pool, I love water ” she said

“ ok sounds good you can go out, I’m coming” I say to her

Waiting her walking was like a fantasy world. Knowing she was wearing almost nothing then said she wanted to comfort me. How could I be this fortunate to have a woman like Aya here with me? I grabbed a tray for the drinks and two joints from the table. And headed her way.

“Levi there you are” she said smiling

She was always so happy to see me as if she’s hadn’t seen me ten minutes prior. I could get use to this.

“ yes it’s me” I replied

She was sitting on the outdoor sofa, I joined her there. She was nearly done with her drink so I poured her another glass.

“Now we need to talk of what’s troubling you so much” she said

“You want to talk about that?” I asked

“Yes I do” she replied

I told her more about my past relationship, how I trusted her Solely on the fact we have known one another so long. Telling her how I caught her with someone else despite being warned by people in the past how she was. The trust I had for her blinded me! I told myself if there was so much for thread of love that I wanted to hold onto it. As the story continues I could see that she was quite interested in what I had saying. She became comfortable laying in lap as smoked. Telling her all that I felt in my heart about the situation. I rarely if ever have opened up to someone in such a way. Telling her how, the cheating started with envy, popularity can bread jealousy in relationships at times. The more We spoke the more she caressed my legs my hand. It’s a tactic she possessed making one relax for opening up to her. An hour had passed without my noticing. I lifted her shirt to rub her back. Realizing I had needed someone to talk to along.

“Trust too much” I asked

“Many times actually” she said

“Loving to much is hard, but you must still give your heart fully” she said

“You don’t want to hold back on a real love out of fear of being hurt” she added

“Are you this nice to everyone” I asked

“I’m always kind” she giggled

“However you’re different in my sight” she added

Leaning further back into my sofa, I could feel the energy in the room shifting. Why didn’t I meet her years ago before being drug down.

“ why do you feel that” I asked

She told me she’d been following me online for over seven years. The strange part about all of it, her attraction to me was being faithful to one girl. she had realized for months that we had split. Not that it was broadcasted, she could feel my vibration.

“Darling do you feel a little better?” she asked

“To be honest I do!” I replied

“This is what I meant by helping you” she said sitting up looking at me

I reached for her, she stood then sat on my lab facing me. I looked at her and all her Beauty, thinking I want to make her to be mine, but how? She may be with someone, I’m fucking all in my head about Aya. for the first time in years feel safe in another person’s presence aside my friends. I glance up into her deep brown eyes and there alluring almond shape and for the first time I could hear music.

Chaplan Candy by Rei Brown

“I just want to let you know, I don’t want to let you go. I don’t even know ever to start!”

I pulled her in to kiss her, the need for her had intensified. Reminding myself to contain the energy blazing inside me, the feeling of her body shaking over me. Submerged in the very moment as I pull her closer. I couldn’t recall feeling this way before! What is this feeling? Softly her lips finally reach mine, resting them against mine for a moment, her lips smile over mine, before she sank more into my mouth! As I reached to pull her face deeper our souls collide, her arms warp around my neck tightly. Our lips become one, I could feel her body come in closer to me. Now feeling her pussy pressed against my pelvis, her shorts so thin I feel everything. Slowly I kiss her deeper, and sucking her bottom lip. Her hips slowly start trusting against me, I could feel her more feel how much she wanted me was wild. Damn she feels so good. Finally, I glide my hands slowly down her feeling every inch of her till have her ass in my hands. It’s soft and thicker in my palms. Gripping her being careful not to grind her to hard down on me, and just like that her mouth opens over my lips and her moans flow. Again, she moaned leaning back, quickly I rubbed my hand up her shirt rubbing her breast. Leaning back to me slowly.

“Can I take this off you” I asked

“Yes, please” She answered

“You ok” I asked

She did not answer.

I eased her shirt over her head, and there in front of me was her half naked body. It was more beautiful than I had imagined if that were possible.   One of her nipples were pierced and a tattoo on her right side lower than her breast. She ran her fingers through my hair that shit turned me on so much. Kissing her stomach till I find her breast. She started kissing where she could, along my hair line then reach for my face. Looking me in the eye! Running her fingers across my lips. Slowly I kiss her fingers, she smiled at me.

“Levi” she said

“Yes” I replied

“You aren’t the only one who was hurting” she whispered

“I know” I replied

I reached for her shirt, helping it over her head. reaching for my blunt I bounced her on my lap. The smile she gave was mesmerizing, her hair falling in her face as she tried to regain her balance. Watching her laugh as I did it again and again, gazing at her I realized she was making me forget about what was hurting before.

“Let me hit it” she asks, holding out her hand

“You really want to?” I asked

“Give it to me” she said laughing

“I’m pro” she added

“Okay” I laughed

She took a drag, she’s fucking perfect. I was intertwined with a goddess. Scanning her body like it belong to me, her thighs draped over me. A perfect fit how Legos pressed together blue, green, then yellow. Gliding the back of my hand across her outer then her inner thigh.

“It’s ok baby” she whispered

“Are you sure” I asked

“Let me show you” she said

Smoke blew filling the air, before the smoke could dissipate I lifted her.

“No I’m going to show you” I said

Walking with her in my arms her legs wrapped around my waist. I could feel her grasp tightening around my neck. She smelled amazing, as she kissed me I could feel the warmth radiating off your lips.

“Levi” she whispered, her mouth still over mine.

Making my way down the hall the clock read the 5:33am. I want time to stand still wanting us to last forever. finally, we reach the bed, I could feel my nerves taking over my body. I knew I needed her but more overly I wanted her like I’ve never wanted something before. laying her down on the bed, I look at her, I could see that she was tired. Aya, had been there for me when I needed some the most. So instead I showed her something different. I pull back the covers and helped her to the middle of the bed. Climbing in next to her, putting my arms around her., she turned to me. We talked for a little bit, then she drifted off in my arms. I gazed over her, thinking how long it’s been since I fell asleep next to someone. I kissed her head slowly.

Full house

Ding dong….

The sound of the doorbell, looking to my side I didn’t see Aya. I sit to the side of my bed. I bit confused at who’s at the door. Foggy still as I rise to my feet, I slip on my shoes, i scurry towards the door. I see her bag laying over the chair as I walk out the room. Thank god she’s still here, instant relief. My shorts were twisted, I didn’t have on my marina anymore just a sports bra. What fuck happened?

“Coming I say” I say as get closer to the door

“Who is it?” I asked

“Food delivery” they say

I ease the door open, I see a young lady there holding a bag and a drink holder.

“Hello, for me?” I asked

“Aya? Food delivery” she said

“Yes, yes thank you” I said

“ hold let me pay you” I said

“It’s paid for have good day” she smiled

She handed the over, quickly walked off, the bags were heavy. As I put the food in the kitchen, I realized I look a fucking mess. Oh, my good I ran to my guest bathroom to wash my face and bush my teeth with my spares I keep in there for visitors that I never have. Water on my face I feel feel for the towel. My reflection was looking good, i looked rested. This wasn’t a look I had fun mouths. Aya? Where is she? Then like magic I hear her beautiful voice, seemed like she was singing it!

“Levi” she said

Her voice seemed to whisper across the house.

“I’m in here” I answered

“Their you are” she said

Standing behind me, I glimpse her in the mirror. Wearing my Marina, and what looked like nothing else at all. Finishing drying my face. I look back toward her in the mirror, she stared walking closer.

“Did you sleep ok dear?” She said

“I really did, what time is it?” I asked

“11:50am” I said

“My shirt?” I ask

“You gave it to me” she replied

“Looks good” I smiled

Her body was amazing, sexy from head to toe. One strap was off her shoulder, and barely covering anything. When she spoke, she jiggled slightly.

“Do you have shorts I can wear?” She asked

“ yes, but I like this” I said as I tried to her

“You do, I do too” she said

Easing over to me, my shirt exposed all her body nipples, thighs, and large well shaped breast. Her hair was wet, she must have showered. The closer she got the more the shirt moved, the barely covering her rear. The mirrors on the back wall of the bathroom reveled her well-shaped ass. Can a woman be this sexy always and every day, a Beauty so effortless.

“Earth to Levi” she said

“…. yes”, I said

Leaning against the counter reaching my hands for her to come into my arms. I could she didn’t want to let go of the shirt, it would come up to much. Part of me wanted to see what she was trying to hide. Once she stood before me. I eased to sit in the counter top, so she could stand before me.

“I ordered breakfast” she said

“ I know I put it on the kitchen” I answered

I extended my hand to her once more, only this time she took it. I pulled her into me.

“ you like wearing my stuff” I asked

“Yes, and this one smells like you” her voice was low

“I like that” she added

Her arms wrapped around my waist, I could see more of her from behind now.
I reached to pull the shirt down a little. We both laughed as it was pointless.

“Come sit on my lap” I asked

“Ok, help me” she asked

I lean over and lift her, her legs opened I didn’t look although I wanted so much to see her. Wrapping her legs around me, her butt was on the counter between my legs. Pulling at the shirt, my hand went over hers I held it in place for her.

“ thank you for coming last night” I whispered

“ I wanted to see you” she said

Her lips kissed mine softly, my hand still holding the shirt over her vagina. She let go putting her arms around my neck she kissed me deeper and deeper. Now this was a good morning, I released the shirt grabbing her ass pulling her into me. Kissing her harder and deeper. I could feel her vagina against me. Finally, I could feel her again, but this time there was shorts only her pussy against me. Taking one hand to pull her shirt down, I could feel the thickness of the lips, I couldn’t do it anymore, I released the shirt now I could see it nice and pretty. Using two of my fingers I rub her spreading the lips open. Looking down I needed to see it. What the fuck she fucking perfect. Pussy nice a fuck, I feel it rubbing it up then down.

“ is this okay” I whisper

“Please” she whispered

I continue kissing her, while I feel her wetness coming through My fingers. I rub over her clit slowly at first, hearing her moans gave me joy. I need more I want to make her scream out for me. Fingers up then down only this time with two of them I slip them inside her. Losing focus, lost in her rapture, she opens up to me a flower in full bloom. her Warmth wraps around my fingers, feeling her gripping tighter. I dig deeper each time! My heartbeat feels so loud I’m sure she could feel it too. Moans fill the room, pulling outward I could see her wetness on my fingers. Rubbing her clit again her pussy fully wet now, I love what I’m seeing her pussy so pretty and dripping I want more now. Her nipples so erected, her legs so wide open for me. I rub over her hold teasing her about putting them back in.

“Please don’t stop” she said

She pull me to kiss, feeling her legs vibrate slightly, with one hand behind her I ease her to me a little more, messaging her clit with my fingers, then sliding them back inside her. Only this time deeper than before. She is wetter and wetter each time I go inside her. then outward repeating this motion trying to go deeper each time. Her legs opened up more, kissing my neck up to suck my ear her breathing fast. Leaning her back on the counter my dread dangled over her. How beautiful she really is. She reaches for me to come over her.

“Come with me” I said

Standing to my feet, I extended my hand out to her guiding her back to my bed room. As we entered we could see the rain was falling hard and darkness can over the sky.

“ love the rain” she said

“I love the sound of it” I replied

“Sit here I’ll me right back” I asked

“Ok” she said laying back on the bed

I walked in my closet, I needed to put on my strap, digging through the drawers. I finally found it, looking at it in my hand I felt I needed to use the new attachment piece for her. In the bottom drawer was the new piece. Oh my god I’m nervous.

“Aya” I yelled

I heard nothing, the new one was clear. I need to clean it. I can’t use it right out the box. What if it’s too big for her? What if she doesn’t like it? What if what if? I’m fucking freaking out. I slip my shorts back on and dash to the room. she’s not there where I left her. I knock on the bathroom door.

“It’s open” she said

Walking in I could see her naked body though the clear glass of the shower. Fuck she’s perfect, water streaming down her body. I could see her entire body.

“Come here” she said

“I want you to shower with me” she added

“Do you” I asked

“Yes, come hurry up” she replied

“I’m coming” I said thinking hard

She’s going to see I put it on. Starting with my sports bra I took it off. My hair was to my waist. She turned to the shower head on the top of the ceiling, I took my shorts off. Started to unbuckle my strap.

“No leave it on” she said

“Leave it on?” I asked

“Yes, you want to use it right” she asked

“Come here Levi” she said

Walking in the shower, she reached for me immediately. Without hesitation I put my arms around her body. The water felt so nice coming down over my head. I never use this setting because I didn’t want to wet my hair. Today was different it was a mist coming down over us. Her arms seemed to belong around my neck. Squeezing so down my back, she kissed just like the night before at the car. Washing my neck and my arms with care. The soap still running down my back I couldn’t take it. She washed All of me, my breast, stomach, and the strap slowly with the towel. Rising it off then kissing me next to it. I helped her back up, I couldn’t help myself so I pushed to the wall lifting her one leg on the shower bench. Fingering her while I kiss her fill lips. Making my way down her body her nipples in my mouth water pouring over her. She was shaking I lick her stomach. Finally, I’m where I want to be fingers deeply in inside her, I suck her pussy then kiss it as I kissed her mouth so many times before. Sucking the lips fully in my mouth opening her to suck her clit while I finger her with the other hand. She was so wet inside. Removing my fingers, I licked her entire pussy. She finally screamed out, what I wanted to hear. Her moans so loud and strong how I like it! Made me suck her harder. Putting her clit between my lips gently sliding my tongue over and over her clit, she was more perfect then I could have ever guessed. She was ready for what I needed to give her. Standing to me feet, her kisses felt of silk passing over my skin. Her leg was still up on the seat, lifted the other on my waist. Looking into my eyes I adjusted my strap against her very wet pussy and penetrated her. Her moan was different than before, though her teeth and muffled.

“LEVI” she screamed

Looking her in her eyes to strokes her over and over slow at first. At first, she took it, then my girl gave it back to me. Never breaking eye contact. Her hips thrusting on me. I got deeper and deeper inside her tight wet. In this moment she was fucking mine, I wrapped my hands around her ass and bounced her up on my dick, finally she kissed me again… moaning in my mouth.

“Please baby” she moaned

“What do you want?” I asked

“You, I want you” she said

“You got me, fucking trust me” I whispered in her lips

“Ride me, let me watch you ride me” I told her

“Anything you want” she said

I quickly sat on the shower bench, she went to sit on it.

“No, turn around let me see you” I said

She quickly obliged sitting on my lap, putting it in herself. Watching the clear 7 inches penetrating her back to back deep in her fat pussy. My hair on her stomach fuck sexy shit. Nipples erect pushing her legs wide loving the view. Rubbing her clit vigorously, I could feel her start to vibrate on my dick. She was about to cum, her moans like music. The storm coming down harder and now so was she was about to irrupt. I took my eyes off her riding me and sucked her breasted then her nipple. Vibrating on me I held her hips in place while I stroked her more getting it all out. She came for me calling my name, pulling my hair. I want to keep going, but I don’t want to hurt her. She sat there with it still in her.

“Oh my, that was everything” she said

“You have known clue” I answered

“You enjoyed it” she whispered

“Yes, baby I did” I said

She kissed me once more then pinched my nipples. rubbing her Brest against mine, grind on me a few more times.

I could see she wanted more, she eased down on it again.

Riding me her legs so smooth a slight vibration I grasp her thighs pulling her near, I push so deep inside her. Throw her head back she lets out a moan. Her body begins to shake, I should let her come but I was turned on I pull her and began to stroke her more and more. My hand grabs her legs holding them open. Watch her come the vibration she could no longer control. She took it her pussyfoot sucking me in with every stroke. Her moans change to a high scream between her teeth. She reaches for me I wanted to keep her open too look at her but instead I relived her. She again reached for me this time i accepted her, she pulled me closer without hesitation. She kissed me as I squeezed her rubbing down her back. There in that moment her lips sucking my bottom lips, her body bargains you shake just a little. She guides my hand to rub it out of her clit. The strap is still inside her! As I rub her she holds her mouth over mine. Kissing very lightly he body is releasing and even in the shower I can feel the cum dripping down.

Looking over her for a moment.

This woman is beautiful, how did I get so lucky

“Take this of please” she said

She stood, my eyes are mesmerized at her Beauty. Admiring all of her could this be true, is this really happening or am I tripping.

“ let me take that off for you?” She said

“Ok”I answer

Helping with the buckle, she dropped it to the ground.

“I can see your” she bites her lip

“Hand me the towel behind you!” I laughed

She’s for real a lesbian…. I think to myself

“we haven’t eaten I’ll make you breakfast and coffee” I said

“ the food you ordered is cold now” I added

“Ok, is there something I can wear?” She asks

“ anything you want in my room” I laughed

I wrapped a towel around her, pulling her to me. I could only share at her, she broke my gaze and kissed my nose.

“ wait you can cook too?” She said

“You’ll see” I answered

I headed off to throw on some clothing. Adidas sweatpants and a marina that works.

Passing the clock, it’s 3:00pm wait what? Damn time is flying. I’ll make French toast eggs over easy and coffee. I know my way around a kitchen.

I move my way around the kitchen I feel so weak. Then I remember I hadn’t eaten in so long. Hell I haven’t don’t anything in a while.
Cooking was just like art, something I was good at.

Ding dong….

Who could that be, I been so into Aya I forgot about real life.


“Who is it?” I asked

“Bro open the door” I hear a voice say

I open the door, and before me is Nikki.

“Bro what the hell, why you not answering your phone?”

My phone! Hell, I don’t even know where my phone is?

“ my bad bro” I say as I look around

“Damn are you alright?” She said while grabbing my shoulder

“ you cooking” she said

“Yeah” I answered

“Nothing crazy just simple” I reply

“ you gonna let me in?” She laughs

“Oh yeah, come in” I hesitated but answered

She look upset with me, as she at the bar.

“ good to see you eating” she said

“That’s a lot of food, you must’ve known I was coming” she laughed

“We were worried about you, you left and Know ones heard from you.” She said

“ you need a drink?” I asked her

“Yeah man, don’t do that shit” she said

“You could have said you made it home, Levi you haven’t been ok in so long it fucking worried me” she said

I could see the worry on her face, Nikki had been my friend from childhood. Undoubtably she knew me better than anyone. Hell, at times I thought she knew me better than myself.

“ I called Kiana, asked if she heard from you” she said

Wait what? Did she say

“Didn’t know what to do” she said

“Why the hell would you call her? Fuck don’t do that?” I yelled

“ you didn’t look good when you left” she yelled back

“Don’t fucking call her” I snapped

“My fucking bad you didn’t answer the damn phone, you haven’t been good” she yelled

“What the hell was she going to to do?” sliding her drink across to her as I turned around.

“Bro why your hair so fucking wet?” She said

And then in there I realized Aya is still here.

“ I washed it” I answered

“Gabe is on the way, I bet her here” she said

“Did y’all mother fuckers call a code red.” I asked

“Just make more eggs” she said

“ shit make more of everything it looks good” she laughed while stealing a sausage

“Levi” Aya said walking out the room

“Yeah I’m in the kitchen” I answered

“Who is that” Nikki said

“Just be quite” i motion to her

“Wtf you mean?? Who is here?” She said looking lost

Lost is not I ever see on Nikki, I wanted to laugh

“Oh my this looks good” she said

Wrapping her arms around me, while I cook she kiss me my check.

“Did you find something” I asked her

“ yes I did” she answered

“Aya,” I whispered


“This is my friend Nikki” I say under my breath

She Squeezed me tightly, and kissed me again. released me and turned around.

“Nikki, darling hi” she said

“Yes, I’m Nikki” Nikki smiled like a kid

Aya looked at her then put her arm back around me. Slowly brushing my hair from my face.

“ oh yes Nikki, I saw you at the restaurant yesterday I remember”

“Your correct, that was me” Nikki looked confused

She kissed me again on the check, turning back to me.

“Do you feel better?” She whispered in my ear softly

“Yes, much better” I said back to her

She kissed me again, this was new for me. Even my past relationship was not affectionate like this. At its best this kind of intimacy, wasn’t shown. Felted deeper than some crush, or one-night stand. Nikki was blown away, needless to say a bit confused. She made eye contact with me for a moment and winked.

“Aya come sit with me” Nikki said as she patted the seat

“But of course” she said

“First let me get Levi a towel for her hair”

Soon as she was out of sight, Nikki could not wait to ask.

“Bitch, wait that’s your girl” she said

“Mrs. Pardon me?” She added

“Long story bro” I said

“You better get to explaining the damn story” Nikki said quickly

“Yesterday yo ass looked like fucking death” she hard whispered

“ now to fucking day you Mary fucking Poppins” she added

“Dawg yo ass crazy” I said laughing

Bleep bleep

Nikki checked her phone.

“Bro where the fuck is your phone” she snapped

“Gonna open the garage, Gabe is here!

“ She gonna fucking dye off this one” … she said walking away

“Alright do that”

I continue to cook, I need to light a spliff all this. All I want to do is lay back with Aya and these crazy mother fuckers had to show up.

“Bro who nice ass wipe?” Gabe asked

“What’s up with your phone my guy” she said laughing
“I don’t know where my phone is” i reply

“ well that’s crazy, you been in fucking a death state for mouths you can’t just leave and say nothing” she explained

“ I was worried about you, you look sick as hell yesterday, and why the hell is your hair so damn wet?” She added

“I got you a towel” Aya said as she entered the room

“Well hello” Gabe laughed

“Gabe this is Aya” Nikki intervened

“Remember from the brunch yesterday” she added

“No, I don’t but it’s nice to meet you” Gabe said

“Likewise” she said

“That must be your nice car in there” Gabe said laughing

“ yes, thank you” …

“Nice meeting you dear” she said

Watching her turn the corner, all those beautiful curls bouncing. My shorts rolled up on her with my yellow hoodie. She started talking but I couldn’t hear a word. Her arms feel so good around my neck, draping the towel over my shoulder. Aya, loves to kiss, the heavens know I love receiving them. I don’t know what they were doing around the corner, probably gossiping. Don’t matter I took advantage of the free moment and I lifted her up. Without hesitation she wrapped her legs around me. She looked down on me with so much passion. Can I stay locked in this moment forever? Smiling down at me, warmed my heart.

“I needed you” I whispered to her

“Me to” she said

Resting her head on mine, I put her down.

“Y’all gonna eat or talk” I said as I walked back in the kitchen.

The rain was still coming down harder than before. I was happy to be in the company of my friends and Aya. She won them over the same way she had won me. Watching her laugh at their jokes. She rubbed my leg, I kept flashing back to the shower making love to her. She gave it to me I mean gave it to me.

“I see you and Levi have similar style” Nikki said

“Similar yes” she answered

“Wait you were here from last night” Gabe asked

“Mind your business” I said laughing

“Dawg that a damn yes” Gabe said

“That’s why you don’t know where your phone is” Gabe smiled

“I called about 10 times” Nikki add

“I did mean to alarm you”

“ you were here making babies” Gabe nugged me

“Maybe we were” Aya said

“See I like her” Nikki whispered

“We all need a release from time to time” Nikki added

“It’s hard to find something real” Gabe interjected

“Can I ask you something?” Aya directed at Gabe


“You made love without your strap?” She asked

“Yes” Gabe answered quickly

You let her make love to you, key word Love?” She asked

“I’m not talking about a quickie, I’m talking home all day over and over no strap involved.” She spoke so sexy

“No I have not, I like with a strap” Nikki said

“How can you find real love if you can’t expose your real self?” She asked

“So you think strap sex is fake?” Gabe asked

“No, I don’t… I think it’s added for pleaser on both sides. However, I like real sex, me and that person intertwined lost in each other! I want to be able to touch them also. That’s a problem for most. Don’t get me wrong I like the strap also its nice. I want more!”

I could watch her talk for hours, she was so graceful, my friends seem to like her!

They continue to conversing, Aya left the table. They talked about my show coming up in two weeks. Wondering is Aya would be at my side. I hoped she would be the one with me. That’s for another day. Gabe and Bethany’s wedding will be coming the week after. I’m so happy for her, it’s been a long time coming.

“You look so much better today” Gabe said shaking my knee

“She’s amazing bro” Nikki

“Man yeah, all that shit!” Gabe added

“Yes it seems so” I reply

“Bro if I could find one women to look at me like that” Nikki said

“Plenty of women look at you” I add

“Not like that, fuck” Nikki laughed

“Where did Mrs Okaffor go” Nikki said

I look around, “wait I don’t know

“ well go check on Her, we about to head out” Gabe said

“I’m gonna be in town till Thursday we will link up” Nikki said

“Now that I know your beige ass alright” Nikki added

Gabe looked over to me, “I really do like her for you, she’s a women, take care of that”

Nikki raises her hand to her ear “call me, find your damn phone”

I could hear laughing from the room. Walking in I could her laying across the bed, on the phone like a teenager.

She caught my eye “come darling come”

She reached for me “baby this is my sister say hello”

She handed me the phone, “hello, Levi” an equally beautiful voice spoke out! “Levi, yes hello ayas sister”. She sounds so much like Aya
“You two are getting along well I see.” She said
“Yes we are” I reply
“Oh good dear” she answered
“ you two be good, Aya be good honey” she added

“Jana we must go honey, call you tomorrow” Aya said

“Ok honey, by Levi” she hung

“they left I’m sorry, I didn’t know they were coming”.
She leaned in to kiss me but I put my hand behind her head pulling her near. She smiled, “ it’s been to long”.

“I need to head home baby” she whispered
“Wait no, not tonight stay with me” I pleaded with her!
“I don’t want to over stay my welcome” she whispered
“You could never” looking into her eyes
Pulling her hair back from her face, “one more night”
Pressing on my stomach
“ I’ll stay with you whenever you want”. She added


Watching her bounce to her feet, talking and walking away at the same time. Looking back too me, it was as if I could see my entire future in her eyes. I grab her hand and spin her around, attempting to slow dance with her. Loving the way, she feels in my arms, never been into any fairytale type shit. Her smile and laugh Intoxicating the vibration though her body. Lost in time I take her hand spinning her once more. She could see I was defiantly feeling her.

“I’ll be cleaning this messy kitchen for you”. She said while I see her turn the corner.

I could music coming from the living room, It filled the house. The house hasn’t been alive in in so long. It was nice for a change, and it feels renewed. I fall to the bed like a feather, all the weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Staring off to the ceiling my once clouded mine was finally clear and free of all darkness.

Across the room in the far corner Could see the glow of what looked to be my phone. I hadn’t seen my phone from last night. I lay there in the moment, thinking should I even bother myself with the outside world? I decided its time! 8% charge I’m shocked it’s charged at all.

(147 notifications)

This to much I don’t know if I care about any of this.

Online notifications are always on Silent and for good reason.

Gabe: I’m glad to see you looking better
Gabe: I don’t know what’s going on bro but I like this Aya chic and I think you do to… be easy bro!

Nikki: Bro lol Girl wtf you came up! I fucking like what I see
Nikki: charge your damn phone!

Klaus: shit I see why you not answering the phone
Klaus: I hear you got yo self a baddy lol.
And I hear she nice too!
Klaus: why you not answering the phone

Marlo: Mf call me, damn, oh yeah why I didn’t get the invite to meet the lady friend!
Marlo: 76,000+ follows damn and no girlfriend or boyfriend no side pieces lol. She to fucking perfect!
Marlo: I looked up Aya online, you know me I fucking had to. How up get that one.
Marlo: I think I missed a lot from not going to brunch

We been friends for years and they all got their shit, but they look out and we are are family. Marlo is a Private investigator for insurance fraud. So, she can find anything, but i don’t want her looking up Aya. I don’t want Aya thinking we crazy as fuck. Although they are at the oddest of times.

Bleep Bleep….

Kiana: can we talk? I need you!

And the phone turns black

“Can we talk?” I say to myself

“I fucking need you” I mutter

God knew my phone needed to die and this very moment, my reaction wouldn’t be right. Sling the phone on the desk, all the papers fell to the floor. plopping down on the desk chair, push out a sound from deep in the pit of my stomach.
“FUCK HER!” I yell

“Are you ok in there” Aya says from the other room

I don’t answer instead I start looking for my charger. I need to know what Kiana wanted and why she needed me. Spotting it by the bed I drive across to plug the phone! I need this fucking thing to come on.

Kiana always knew how to push my buttons and always has. She looks for ways to interject herself into my life anyway she can. By Nikki calling her now she feels she may have found way in. Kiana was my first in every way, first girlfriend, first love, first time I had sex. She knew how to manipulate my thoughts. Anything she wanted and needed I obliged without fail. Fixing anything that needed fixing. She had been my first lover we dated when we were younger then after collage we got back together. We move to Atlanta together, about a year after being here she started seeing this singer by the name of Lex. Her favorite a Neo soul type of singer. I heard they were out together for a while, I never believe any of what I heard. Kiana was the friendly type of women so I never read too much into it. I knew she would frequent most of her shows In the area. For me this was worst because she told me that she went and how she loved it so much how amazing she was. Lex was a stud also, I knew Kiana had a thing for the singer type from when she was in college. The girl she was with back then went by Marty, piano playing Alicia Keys type. Wildly more feminine than I am, I would say a tomboy I guess. After attending the shows she’d come home and make love to me, but different from before, she wanted to be fucked no head no passion. I should read the signs but I love her and sex changes from time to time besides I enjoyed the fucking her that way. In the later part of February and with my own eyes i saw them together leaving a restaurant holding hand and laughing. Kiana text me that same even that she was staying over to a girlfriends because she was going through a breakup.

The lights are back, phone up and running.

“Levi are you ok in here” Aya said as she push the door open.

“Yes I’m ok” I reply

I could see by the look on her face she could see something was bothering me.

“I see you found your phone” she said

bleep bleep….
bleep bleep….

My phone went off back to back at least ten came thought. I didn’t check them because she was stand in the door way.

“Yes it was on the floor across the room” I said

Aya is a beautiful women in may ways, but her personality is her best attribute. She stood looking for a moment.

“Ill leave you to it honey” she said and quickly headed off again

I hope I didn’t offend her at all, picking up my phone to see what Kiana wanted. I realize it don’t matter what she wants the women before me deserves my attention. I turned my phone off and head in the other room where she was sitting at the bar. wrapping my arms around her, she flinched a bit then relaxed against me.

“I feel I’ve kidnapped you” I say in a whisper

“I don’t feel kidnapped, I feel happy” she whispered back

I wanted to know what Kiana wanted I love her for so long. Aya, was new to me and in the middle of my thoughts she turned around. Looking me directly in my eyes.

“Are you ok now Levi!” She asked with her hands touching my face softly

Look back at her I hesitate to answer, for fear of the wrong answer.

“Levi there are no wrong answers” she added as if she could read my mind.

“My ex text and said she needed me there were more but I didn’t read them” I say looking down

“Do you want to read them?” She asked

“I want to know what she said” I replied with Heist

“ no worries honey let go to the room so you can read them” she said while standing to go to the room

I sit in my desk chair, she hand me the phone from the charger.

“What makes you feel most powerful during sex? She ask while handing the phone

“My lady riding me, is the best thing ever” I add

“Do you feel powerful in that moment?” She asked again

“Yes…” I look at her

Do you want to wear a strap in this moment?

“Yes, it’s so nice to watch it going deep inside. It’s the biggest turn on for me.” I answer her

She asked me to put it on, because in this moment I would be the most powerful. She talks to from the room as I put it on. I walk out to see her sitting at my desk completely nude. Fuck me man, she’s so damn sexy! I walk over to her. She give me the seat back. Looking at her body, i pause to take it all in. looking her up and down, her skin so soft with no imperfections. I’ve never laid my eyes on a person, suddenly I realized she had gained my full and undivided attention! She reached for my assistance, I quickly reach my hand to assist her, she eased her way on my lap her outside my thighs, then draping her arms around my neck. My glide my hands up her outer thighs making my way inward. Covering her entire middle. I feel her thrusting slowly more and more with each inward motion. She kissed me softly over my lips she moaned please oh please. Running my fingers between the lips of her pussy I finger her slowly. Feeling the wetness escape her, covering my fingers. I’m extremely turned on by watch penetration, I could tell she was also. she reaches for the phone, It has escaped my mind about the text.

“How do you feel most powerful” she asked again

I could only smile at her.

She adjusted her body allowing my to slide it in her. Then as she starts to ride me she gives me the phone. She bounces on me nice slow I’m looking at her pussy gripping me and then I look at the phone. Struggling to open the screen, her stroke becomes longer and deeper. She kisses my lips, I glimpsed the words on the text screen.

Kiana: I miss you so much Levi
Kiana: I hurt you I know
Kiana: there is no one like you!

Aya felt so good on me, the words seems to have meant nothing. I reach out for her, the phone fell to the floor. I was completely taking over by her, how could she be this magnificent her warmth gripping tightly around the strap taking it in deeper with every stroke. Her wetness raining down to my lap as she rides me. This moment had taken me over, the movements of her body became one with mine. Sounds of her waters echo as her thighs meet with mine. Her legs vibrating as we collide. I view her from behind in the minor across the room. How beautiful better the any portrait I’ve drawn, A clear river had formed look as if ice was penetrating her and she her pussy was sucking it up before it melts. Checks bouncing on me to a beat only she could hear. She was beautiful, all of her, watching her I gasp for air… Feeling a warm burst from below, the earth was shaking from inside of me. Electric buzzing though my veins, as my hands grasp her skin. I released like never before. Aya flashed though my mind all the times I glimpsed her, her hands running down my hair, her leaning in my car, the kiss she blow me as she walked away, the first kiss, her on my lap. Her lips gently touched mine my body fully released. I grip ever so tight. Her eyes opened meeting mine. Lost forever in her eyes is where want to be.

Chapter (4) coming soon