Will He?

I need to find myself, I’m to lost in you!

Buried deep down under you!

Lost behind the masks of life, his days of darkness.

Will I Lose my souls trying to save his?

Its this the sacrifice we make in the exchange of power?

This flows in the ocean of my mind….

Who would I be if I discover his unknown power?

Will he see me as his rib, as his half to his undone have?

Will he see the sawing, the progress I’ve made?

Or will he see only the pain of the before?

Will his heart fail, not knowing his truth?

I’m trying to mend his past, his broken heart, his lost soul, building a stronger structure!

Will he see that he is great and better then the world has thought him!

Stronger then the labels set before his arrival!

Stronger then the shade thrown by the world…

Stronger the barriers build by those afraid of his talents given naturally.

Or will his brokenness block me out, and see me as the enemy.

Will he???????


Moving on is a crazy place…

Crushing me down pinning me to seat someone set aside for me!

I can’t breath at all, the thunder in my chest signals the storm approaching!

Lighting cracks feeling of the explosion of my heart!

Pain so unbearable!

I don’t even know where too start, feels like you ripped out my heart!

Hold it hostage, awaiting the storm…

Ive been drowning in these tears…

I dont want to let you go.

90% chance of rain…

Please give me back my heart


I’m about too leave, out of body experience!

Do what you did…!

Fuck up something for real, there a storm coming in’

Carter, look what you made me do!

She’s coming out the south, coming weak-less!

Category 4!

Take his heart out his Chest, taking everything in my way!

You tried to flex???

Coming reckless for you!

Im gonna zip something up…

Leaving him lifeless!

That his ass!

Took back everything you took from me!

chalk outline, no resuscitation!


On my back bold and big!

Truth the attrition excites me, blows me up more then a a a a a, trip on 4 dolphin…

Did I stutter? Wait… I did!

Maybe with hopes you’d catch up…

I’ll repeat it for you!

On my back bold and big!

Tell me who more real then me..

You let Carter out!

Sick form the day I leveled up the state of mind!

I do shit easy, put the average at my back, I feel the burn!

Like Sizzling of pig skin… discuss

Style to sick only the simple think on fashion!

All levels! But that too…

The Art of not giving a Fuck!

“The Obsession”

The Table!

By Monroe Carter

Made you sick to your stomach, keep tums in your pocket!

They keep trickling down!

Meanwhile you stuck in a daydream!

Keep playing with The Carter!

You say you don’t Rate me, hmmmm…

On my back bold and big!

I Keep your mouth busy.. “Target”

Don’t give a fuck who don’t rate me!

Tell me who badder the me? I’ll wait

Murder your feelings… mouth wide!

You sure You want to romp with me?

If you think your lonely now…

Words can hurt you, actions can hurt you!

But people hurt you the most!

I live a life of hurt, loneliness and pain!

I’ve never been love I don’t know what it is!

How can that be so, my life is a place I don’t want to be in.

How to Escape the misery, that has become life.

Giving up on everything I love only to lose still…

My heart is empty!

Never filled with anything real!

Running away from people, gravitating to those who only look to play!

I wait for the night!

Wait for the day..!

But nothing ever happens!

Unwanted Unloved Undesired!!

So back to my shell!

Only the lonely live here!


Love will see me…

I live a life full of disguise…

Hiding behind what’s always been clear to see…

I could see the shine in the darkest of places…

The dark holds all his fears, I aide in his fears…

We don’t have to hide, more then just friends.

Higher then acid!

How could I make him feel better then this everyday struggle?

How can you lift the mirror off the floor that’s already broken, turn it to the greatest Mosaic masterpiece!

Life…, he is the dom in my heart…

We don’t know how to hide!

I beg him for more, lose myself more and more.

Make his feet leave the the ground like, floating on air!

Taking my heart with him…

Free his spirt and his mind from under his skin he’s grown in…

How can I make it end?

It’s to late, at this point!

Stop his hiding from himself, he’s in pain.

Life…., when you need me I’m yours!

I want to let you know, I don’t know how to start!

Shinning past the dark of the night in his heart…I see you.

When did I give him my heart?

I let down my disguise, letting you know I need you!!!


You ever been warned of the situation, but due to your own ignorance you go ahead?

Let’s just say in the recent turn of events I’ve done just that.

You know when your friend get together and they say ”don’t trust him girl” but you do it anyway!

He seems different with me, I tell myself!

He told me the truth about himself!

Admitting his flaws, and how he’d have to work harder to be with me!

So against the council of all of my friends, i decided to go forward….

And I let him in, one step at a time!

How can I have been so naive, making such a foolish mistake?

I’ve avoided target after target, somehow he made it through!

Rendering me helpless, weak, blind to the facts!

Wanting to see past all of what I knew to be true!

Down a dark road of loneliness!

It’s my weakness visible to all and I just don’t know it?

Or am the fool? To be played over?

When being dealt the hands of life I seem to fall short…

The love department is not only the hardest one for me its also the one I stay away from…

Turning me cold and dark!

Smile honey, they say but they don’t know the hurt I feel.

The pain he have caused me! Year after year I find myself lost!

Know where closer then the day I started as just a teen!

Never having true love in my life!

Never being the object of any ones affection…

am I not capable of being loved by another!

Used and disregarded seems to be what they plan for me…

Why is this the hand I was given?

I ask over and over!!!!

Why… Should take the advice of my girlfriends?

I wanted to take the road less traveled…

The road of hope for something better!

It’s shakey but I thought it would smooth out!

So tell me why I get Fuck for believing?

Fucked for trusting?

Fucked for loving?

Fucked for giving?

Fucked for welcoming?

Fucked for opening up?


Trust issue ⚠️

Level up level up to the next realm, or are you all smoke a mirrors!

Blow smoke in the air watch as it dissipates, I see past that iorn mask, . Louis the Great’s father…

I see the man who birth the sons unto the Red Queen!

No need in painting me this Picasso, I’m interested in the amateur art form…

It’s time we do a changing of the guard, back to the unknown.

See you in the raw form!

Are you ready to be Incredible?

Walk the path set aside for you by the gods that walk the earth before you?

Most would rather walk with the ones dimming the lights at the tunnel.

Afraid to take things to the next level!

Look me in my eyes, I’ll have you feeling the King you are!

Don’t worry, ”I know your acting!”

I’ll teach you how to show off your talents!

I’ll have them glimpse upon you, but dare not speak you!

The balance of true power… You have found your energy source!

Who that? It is me and it will be you!

Don’t get quiet… most others try to play the MC!

I love the roar of Leonidas, the tumble of tigers the dance of beast!

You are afraid, you don’t want to fall in love with an amberlin type, don’t be fooled about what you have heard!

The truth has spoken….

She was incredible!

Now where were we?

You were having trust issues!


Don’t want no regular Fuck…

Fuck it up we not innocent… ”turning in the back”

Ready to back it up!

Fuck him till he can’t take no more, I go can forever!

I can see I drive him crazy!

He put it deep in, so I grab on pushing him deeper in the valley!

Want him to fuck it up!

No pushing back, open up take it!

Grab up on my ass, as you ride up on him.

Hands around her throat as he gets his pattern going!

No stopping now!

Bites down her back, till red come through!!

Throw back hard, show him you are in control!

Don’t want no regular Fuck!

He loves the way you whine on it!

Take it so hard, feels like you sucking him!

Blowing him more and more with each stroke ”BAD GYAL”

Give him something you can’t fake!

You want to be his freak…

Focus on what he wants!

Kiss with his mouth open, bite on him bottom lip!

Taking the air from his body!

Fuck him phenomenally

Time to drive on it…

Bites on the nipple!

He love way you ride on it…

Stroke for stroke till he explodes!

Vibration between your thighs..


The Fall

How do I tell you I’m lonely?

How to I find the love I desire?

Is there a song I can sing to show you how to love me?

Have you learn to love?

Is it to much to ask for love in and out of this world?

I ask you, can you love me?

Is this to much for one to ask?

I want to float in the ocean!

I need something to fill up this space!

The empty dark place in my heart!

I want to fall in love!

I ask myself how to love?

When I just learn to love myself…

What can I say, I need to fill up this place in my heart?

I’m sinking in this world!

I need to fall fall hopelessly in love with other!

I’m just wondering if I can I love!

I need to learn how to how to love!

I don’t want regular everyday love!

Where you stay on my mind like glue!

Where is the will that I need to get the astronomical type love?

I won’t tell you no anymore!

I need to fill up this place!

Where did find the strength to fall in love!

Why am I still wondering?


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