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It’s hard to explain who I am it changes everyday. I hope you stay tune to read more about me as I go a long my journey.  Hopefully my story can explain and show you who Monroe Carter really is. Who is Monroe Carter?


King Out of the Ashes

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Oil Change!

Who is Monroe Carter?

A Friend asked me the other day,

how do you get over things the way you do?

She continued on without letting me explain. Describing her situation in detail and that she’s never felt good in her life. I let her continue on with this very long story. When she finally came up for air, she said,

how do you do it.

Thinking only for a moment.

It’s simple really…

I believe in God and myself, loving my self this is most important.

This body is like a car, or any other possession. You must take care of it, and love it. If you buy a car and never fuel it it will never go anywhere.

Girl I only use 93 in my car!

Mean while you eat Wendys for your body! Over looking this may not be the best choice for you.

You must change the oil and wash…

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Who is Monroe Carter?

Gram is the weight that defines life in measurement, we take life one gram at a time. How many grams are measured till your clock stops ticking? Tick tock tick, time waits for no man they say!

I’m screaming wait!

I need time to stand still, give me time to play Caught up in the game of Gram.

How many grams am I?

We all have a measurement of a gram, say you have 326 then in the moment I may have 175. Meaning your life more than half finished.

Stand still I demand!

Give me time to be something great. Give me time to build a legacy. Give me time to love like never before!

Wait for me, I yell out!

I want my next grams to count for something, I messed over so many of my previous grams. I did not see the worth in it when started…

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I feel the darkness you Exude as you walk by. Seem like you don’t know me anymore, I’ve become a stranger to you. You turned your back to me and no longer see me. Not the way you once did.

Asking myself, how could he forget what we meant to one another? How could he forget how I loved him? Was I blind? Could it be , was I dreaming?

I thought I found real love, and that it had found me. Love seems to no longer live here. I can feel the darkness in his movement, in his voice, and see it his face. A face that use to welcome me with undying love. Where did he go? I feel I lost him forever. If I did how to move forward how to keep it going. How to keep my head held high in the sky and not miss a beat? When I’m truly beaten down to my core. Strong feeling of letting go of all that I cherish.

How, in this moment?

Pretending that life is still full of joy when I’m hurting inside! Like at “G” I put on my happy face wipe away my own tears.

Pull it together, you got this shit!

And just like that, the wall of protection is up. Building it so thick and strong no storm, no wind can penetrate the surface. Even harder then I was before. Shutting out all forms of love, I refuse to be hurt by another! Now with my armor, I go out shielding myself from any form of love and feelings. ~ Monroe Carter


Black as night and as cool as it’s the breeze.

Tall he stands thin in measurement. Skin beautiful and dark like the kings who walked the earth before him. I can see him for his Real and his Truth. I am excepting of him in it, seeing all he needs is to be shown his true way, for he is beautiful I am his reflection. As his reflection I am her, a woman put on earth to remind him of the man he is to become! I am not only his weakness but also his Strength. Energy pulled from different places in his core. Put here not to destroy, demean, or define him. instead to remind him of his truth.


  • Finding common ground… is like finding a rare gem! I’m a rare gem waiting to be selected, waiting to be fit for the perfect piece. Maybe a promise ring, maybe a pendant, possibly a pair of custom cufflinks. I want a man I fit into, his design elegant and rare that he stands out as my other half on sight.. Custom made, handled with care over the years … I can’t deny that God made him for me. I’m his gem and he is my stability! Admired by many, but fit for us we are the common ground we require!