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Who is he?

Mhm……. love?

Ummm… Wonder?

The joy of my life is so different…

people come into you crashing like the waves of the Atlantic!

Who is he, why is he?

New in my life, tell me what he wants?

He can’t be real… I can’t see him again!


But I must see him, see his soul his heart! I feel something it’s strange.

I can feel his truth… I can feel his dreams, I can feel his soul if only for a moment…

it’s worth it!

It’s in the pit of my valley the deepest of my dark place!

Lighting up my tunnel, no more of the dark that use to live there. Who is he?

Fair yet Dark…

A mystical figure

King Out of the Ashes

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Oil Change!

Who is this Monroe Carter?

A Friend asked me the other day,

how do you get over things the way you do?

She continued on without letting me explain. Describing her situation in detail and that she’s never felt good in her life. I let her continue on with this very long story. When she finally came up for air, she said,

how do you do it.

Thinking only for a moment.

It’s simple really…

I believe in God and myself, loving my self this is most important.

This body is like a car, or any other possession. You must take care of it, and love it. If you buy a car and never fuel it it will never go anywhere.

Girl I only use 93 in my car!

Mean while you eat Wendys for your body! Over looking this may not be the best choice for you.

You must change the oil and wash…

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