Moving on is a crazy place…

Crushing me down pinning me to seat someone set aside for me!

I can’t breath at all, the thunder in my chest signals the storm approaching!

Lighting cracks feeling of the explosion of my heart!

Pain so unbearable!

I don’t even know where too start, feels like you ripped out my heart!

Hold it hostage, awaiting the storm…

Ive been drowning in these tears…

I dont want to let you go.

90% chance of rain…

Please give me back my heart


I’m about too leave, out of body experience!

Do what you did…!

Fuck up something for real, there a storm coming in’

Carter, look what you made me do!

She’s coming out the south, coming weak-less!

Category 4!

Take his heart out his Chest, taking everything in my way!

You tried to flex???

Coming reckless for you!

Im gonna zip something up…

Leaving him lifeless!

That his ass!

Took back everything you took from me!

chalk outline, no resuscitation!


Love will see me…

I live a life full of disguise…

Hiding behind what’s always been clear to see…

I could see the shine in the darkest of places…

The dark holds all his fears, I aide in his fears…

We don’t have to hide, more then just friends.

Higher then acid!

How could I make him feel better then this everyday struggle?

How can you lift the mirror off the floor that’s already broken, turn it to the greatest Mosaic masterpiece!

Life…, he is the dom in my heart…

We don’t know how to hide!

I beg him for more, lose myself more and more.

Make his feet leave the the ground like, floating on air!

Taking my heart with him…

Free his spirt and his mind from under his skin he’s grown in…

How can I make it end?

It’s to late, at this point!

Stop his hiding from himself, he’s in pain.

Life…., when you need me I’m yours!

I want to let you know, I don’t know how to start!

Shinning past the dark of the night in his heart…I see you.

When did I give him my heart?

I let down my disguise, letting you know I need you!!!