The Market!

Should I put myself back on the market…? Your first attraction is based on what you physically like about a person. (This I mean if you don’t know them) Oh… it’s this next step really annoys me, that getting to know step of hell. I wish we could omit this part by some type of application that links us together in the internet world, however; this is not possible. Due to the fact I have to come up with it yet! Truth: I don’t want to to go through the awkward moments of whether or not you like to go to the beach or what kind of food you eat, I’m ready to be fully aware of likes and dislikes, skip all of this. wishing I could skip all of this pre-relationship bullcrap. Getting right to honey can you pass the remote, you’ll pick up me something from the store on your way home. The comfortableness of a real relationship… Some women have these ridiculous lists of things they require from men, but all of them are kinda of robotic they forget about the man who will rub your back when it’s hurting, love them when they have gained weight far beyond the measure that most men would even allow. A man that would take in your family after they’ve lost everything. The childish masquerades of texting then not are what life has given us due to overly fake behaviour! I think that women focus on the wrong things more often than not. This stupid childish behaviour seems to have altered the way men respond to women altogether. So I just don’t know if putting yourself on the market a good thing or should you just lay low?


All though I must admit I’m kind of #dope


Monroe Carter💋

It’s hard to explain who I am it changes everyday. I hope you stay tune to read more about me as I go a long my journey.  Hopefully my story can explain and show you who Monroe Carter really is. Who is Monroe Carter?