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To love in fear is to never love. I found myself, on the road to my own success! You may lose people along the way. Time may stand still if you stay on it for too long. We are fanatical in our way. We are designed by God himself, without imperfections in his sight. Only man finds these imperfections. Seeing one another as flawed, only in mankind do we lose our value! Love of God reveals the true love of self and others. Finding our perfection in what others see as imperfections is the truth!


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Fucked by a King

    Fucked by the King! I beg you for more… hands around my throat grip firm as I move beneath you as my body calls out to you! Screaming out to you! Your grip getting tighter, I can feel you against the lips of my pussy, the wetness dripping down hoping you will push up in me. Opening wider winding more too you… As my eyes close I feel your lips against mine, My body starts to vibrate I find the word “please”… I feel you in my soul… your hand run down my body as you know it belongs to you! Your tongue licks the tip of my nipple as you ease your finger inside relieving the pressure….. my pussy grips you sucking them, slowly at first then speeding up… you can feel I need more… I run my fingers through your hair… You run you tongue slowly over my lips as i beg for you. You position your body over me, hold my legs apart as you penetrate forcefully. Give me what asked you for. Dominating my body, gripping your hair in my hands as I take you in…


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Who is he?

Mhm……. love?

Ummm… Wonder?

The joy of my life is so different…

people come into you crashing like the waves of the Atlantic!

Who is he, why is he?

New in my life, tell me what he wants?

He can’t be real… I can’t see him again!


But I must see him, see his soul his heart! I feel something it’s strange.

I can feel his truth… I can feel his dreams, I can feel his soul if only for a moment…

it’s worth it!

It’s in the pit of my valley the deepest of my dark place!

Lighting up my tunnel, no more of the dark that use to live there. Who is he?

Fair yet Dark…

A mystical figure