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Fucked by a King

    Fucked by the King! I beg you for more… hands around my throat grip firm as I move beneath you as my body calls out to you! Screaming out to you! Your grip getting tighter, I can feel you against the lips of my pussy, the wetness dripping down hoping you will push up in me. Opening wider winding more too you… As my eyes close I feel your lips against mine, My body starts to vibrate I find the word “please”… I feel you in my soul… your hand run down my body as you know it belongs to you! Your tongue licks the tip of my nipple as you ease your finger inside relieving the pressure….. my pussy grips you sucking them, slowly at first then speeding up… you can feel I need more… I run my fingers through your hair… You run you tongue slowly over my lips as i beg for you. You position your body over me, hold my legs apart as you penetrate forcefully. Give me what asked you for. Dominating my body, gripping your hair in my hands as I take you in…


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Who is he?

Mhm……. love?

Ummm… Wonder?

The joy of my life is so different…

people come into you crashing like the waves of the Atlantic!

Who is he, why is he?

New in my life, tell me what he wants?

He can’t be real… I can’t see him again!


But I must see him, see his soul his heart! I feel something it’s strange.

I can feel his truth… I can feel his dreams, I can feel his soul if only for a moment…

it’s worth it!

It’s in the pit of my valley the deepest of my dark place!

Lighting up my tunnel, no more of the dark that use to live there. Who is he?

Fair yet Dark…

A mystical figure

King Out of the Ashes

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I feel the darkness you Exude as you walk by. Seem like you don’t know me anymore, I’ve become a stranger to you. You turned your back to me and no longer see me. Not the way you once did.

Asking myself, how could he forget what we meant to one another? How could he forget how I loved him? Was I blind? Could it be , was I dreaming?

I thought I found real love, and that it had found me. Love seems to no longer live here. I can feel the darkness in his movement, in his voice, and see it his face. A face that use to welcome me with undying love. Where did he go? I feel I lost him forever. If I did how to move forward how to keep it going. How to keep my head held high in the sky and not miss a beat? When I’m truly beaten down to my core. Strong feeling of letting go of all that I cherish.

How, in this moment?

Pretending that life is still full of joy when I’m hurting inside! Like at “G” I put on my happy face wipe away my own tears.

Pull it together, you got this shit!

And just like that, the wall of protection is up. Building it so thick and strong no storm, no wind can penetrate the surface. Even harder then I was before. Shutting out all forms of love, I refuse to be hurt by another! Now with my armor, I go out shielding myself from any form of love and feelings. ~ Monroe Carter


Black as night and as cool as it’s breeze.

Tall he stands thin in measurement. Skin beautiful and dark like the kings who walked the earth before him. I can see him for his Real and his Truth. I am excepting of him in it, seeing all he needs is to be shown his true way, for he is beautiful I am his reflection. As his reflection I am her, a woman put on earth to remind him of the man he is to become! I am not only his weakness but also his Strength. Energy pulled from different places in his core. Put here not to destroy, demean, or define him. instead to remind him of his truth.


  • Finding common ground… is like finding a rare gem! I’m a rare gem waiting to be selected, waiting to be fit for the perfect piece. Maybe a promise ring, maybe a pendant, possibly a pair of custom cufflinks. I want a man I fit into, his design elegant and rare that he stands out as my other half on sight.. Custom made, handled with care over the years … I can’t deny that God made him for me. I’m his gem and he is my stability! Admired by many, but fit for us we are the common ground we require!

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Her mouth was open, lips kissed softly over her. Ever so lightly, feeling her vibration as his kiss deepens. His tongue extends to the gates of her mouth. Her eyes close, the sign that he is welcome there and she returns his kiss. Grazing his tongue across he lips then slowly sucking the bottom one pulling it into mouth. Igniting passion between their souls, as the earth shakes and electric runs through her body. Her mouth opens breathing heavily, knowing at this moment she needs him. He gazes upon her, wishing he could devour her. He runs his tongue across her mouth again softer then before taunting her her body begs for him, receiving him with her wet lips. She sucks his mouth and finds his tongue with feeling of relief. Taking him so deep in her mouth, their tounges collided into one another. He is lost in her and she is found in him. They are one! ~ Monroe Carter