Trust issue ⚠️

Level up level up to the next realm, or are you all smoke a mirrors!

Blow smoke in the air watch as it dissipates, I see past that iorn mask, . Louis the Great’s father…

I see the man who birth the sons unto the Red Queen!

No need in painting me this Picasso, I’m interested in the amateur art form…

It’s time we do a changing of the guard, back to the unknown.

See you in the raw form!

Are you ready to be Incredible?

Walk the path set aside for you by the gods that walk the earth before you?

Most would rather walk with the ones dimming the lights at the tunnel.

Afraid to take things to the next level!

Look me in my eyes, I’ll have you feeling the King you are!

Don’t worry, ”I know your acting!”

I’ll teach you how to show off your talents!

I’ll have them glimpse upon you, but dare not speak you!

The balance of true power… You have found your energy source!

Who that? It is me and it will be you!

Don’t get quiet… most others try to play the MC!

I love the roar of Leonidas, the tumble of tigers the dance of beast!

You are afraid, you don’t want to fall in love with an amberlin type, don’t be fooled about what you have heard!

The truth has spoken….

She was incredible!

Now where were we?

You were having trust issues!

Author: monroecarter

It’s hard to explain who I am it changes everyday. I hope you stay tune to read more about me as I go a long my journey. Hopefully my story can explain and show you who Monroe Carter really is. Who is Monroe Carter?

2 thoughts on “Incredible”

  1. I don’t “trust” people who don’t love themselves and tell me, ‘I love you. In order for a person to love another individual; they have to first learn how to love and trust their self first!!!

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